The 4 Reasons your People aren’t engaged
Susan Basterfield

Wonderful article Susan Basterfield, thanks. Your four question reminded me of the components that make up *Relational Capital*, which (_along with Structural Capital & Cognitive Capital_) make up *Social Capital*. The components are:

  • Sense of identity with the collective
  • Confidence in the others in the collective (_I liked your break down of this into A) confidence in their competence & B) confidence in their intentions towards oneself_)
  • Sense of obligation to participate
  • Understanding & abiding by collective norms

I see a lot of resonance between them, but I wonder how mutually aligned behavioural norms play a part in engagement. I feel like it might be tacit to your questions (1) and (2), and a bit more explicit in (3).

The binary nature of the questions seems like a useful tool in conjunction with qualitative examples; glad you stressed that.

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