In Their Own Words: Meet District 1’s Willie Davis

City of South Fulton residents are set to vote for their first mayor and city council, with early voting starting on Feb. 27. We reached out to the candidates with 10 questions to learn more about them and let residents hear from them “in their own words.” (All responses were sent to us electronically and have not been edited or altered in any way.)

Willie Davis, City Council Candidate for City of South Fulton District 1

Q1: Please provide your name and confirm if you have you ever run for office in the past (if so, for what seat) OR held public office in the past.

A1: Willie G. Davis — Ran for State Representative-District 52 in 1992 and 1994. Fulton County Commissioner District 7 in 2000. Elected to Fulton County Democratic Party Executive Committee HD 52 Post in 1990, 1992, 1994 and 1996 (Vice Chairmen 1994–1998)

Q2: In what ways have you contributed to the City of South Fulton through community involvement or other initiatives/efforts prior to announcing your candidacy?

A2: Have served as Local School Advisory Council Chair, PTA Vice President, President, Legislative Chair and Parlimentary; School Governance Council Vice Chair at Randolph Elementary School. PTSA Legislative Chair, Parliamentary and Vice President and School Governance Council Chair at Sandtown Middle School. PTSA Vice President and President Westlake High School. Volunteer Coach/Judge Ga. Mock Trial Competition. Empty Stocking Fund Drive. Hose Feed the Homeless. Committee on Community Policing. Founder of Community Legal Aid Cliniccreatin

Q3: What is the most pressing issue you believe the City of South Fulton is facing and what will you do to address it?

A3: Sadly, our city is starting off as being divided between YES & NO voters. Too many people continue to play on this. I would word hard to bring the citizen of South Fulton together for the creation of a great and safe city. My motto One City — Working Together!

Q4: What experience and training do you have that makes you uniquely qualified to hold office in the new city?

A4: Im an attorney and understand municipal legal issues. Have experience working and serving in national, state and local campaigns and government.

Q5: In your opinion, how can the City of South Fulton spur economic development?

A5: Improve the perception of our schools. Planning and Zoning should be organized around how people live, shop, work and play/relax. All development shoulde planned with a vision of improving the quality of life.

Q6: What measures would you champion in order to combat crime and keep residents safe?

A6: Create Business/Neighborhood Crime Watch. Establish better Community Policing Programs. Enhance police visibility and response time

Q7: Do you think there’s a likelihood that the city will need additional tax increases in the future?

A7: I think so if we fail to plan for other sources of revenues relating to code enforcement, business licenses, permits, fees and court related fees and fines.

Q8: What is the greatest challenge that you think the new city will face and what would you do if elected to combat it?

A8: Improving the quality of overall service without over taxes citizens. Work extremely hard to find the correct balance. Consider all workable options.

Q9: 59% of voters cast their ballots in support of cityhood, 41% opposed and there are a number of residents who did not vote at all. A. Do you think as an elected official you have a responsibility to cultivate a sense of unity and create bridges among communities that are still at odds following the election? If so, how would you propose doing that?

A9: The theme of my Campaign is Working Together. I was a NO voter. However, the majority of people voting wanted to be a city. I’m in this campaign to represent the concerns of those 41% with the desire of the 59%. South Fulton has to serve the issues of all people. You do that by listening to all and being respectful of all voices. I’m a firm believer in reaching out to others.

Q10: Have you been endorsed by any elected officials (past or present), political or faith leaders, associations or organizations?

A10: I have not sought any endorsement. My focus has been reaching out to everyone. I’m not new to politics and endorsements in this election can turn people off to listening to you. I want to build a unified city. I want the support of all.

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