10 Tips for Becoming More Resilient

You and I are born with at least three things in common.

  • You will pay taxes.
  • You will go through hard times in life.
  • You will die.

There will also be a LOT of GOOD STUFF in between.

Life is full of good times, and unfortunately some bad times. There is no escaping this reality. No one gets a free pass from this unique human experience.

But I’ve been curious about something…

Why do some people, after going through trauma, tragedy, rejection, failure in business, relationships or other terrible experience, come back even better and stronger than before?

Other people go through similar trials and tribulations and return to their previous levels of health.

An unfortunate few never recover at all — becoming emotionally scarred and even physically disabled. They learn to become helpless.

Sometimes people will slip into a funk or a depression after a relationship breaks up or they receive a terrible medical diagnosis. Many binge on alcohol or drugs. Others lash out in anger and violence. Many people can’t seem to handle life’s bumps and bruises. Others seem impervious — almost invincible. When they run into hard times, they rebound almost immediately.


It’s called resilience.

“Resilience” is “the ability to become strong, healthy or successful again after something bad happens, or “the ability of something to return to its original shape after is has been pulled, stretched, pressed, or bent.”

Is this you? Can you return to your original shape?

Can you bounce higher after being knocked down over and over?

I bet you can, and there are things you can do to become even more resilient.

10 steps you can take to a more resilient YOU:

  1. Recognize that being resilient is a choice. Choose it!
  2. Identify resilient role models. Do what they do.
  3. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Embrace gratitude throughout the process.
  4. Help others. Be giving and get your mind off of yourself.
  5. Face your fears and learn to control your negative emotions.
  6. Stay physically fit. Resilience requires stamina and energy.
  7. Laugh as much as you can. Don’t take things too seriously.
  8. Live in the moment. Practice mindfulness and be willing to sit still and take in the awesome power of now.
  9. Take the next step — every day — no matter how hard it might be.
  10. Be happy. Resilience and happiness are closely related. Positive emotions are the fuel for resilience.

Resilience is not a trait. Resilience is a capacity that involves behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed, in anyone, at any point in their life. It is never too late to choose to become more resilient.

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. ~ Nelson Mandela

I choose to live a life of resilience. I choose to bounce back after being down, and to rise again after each failure and valley. I choose this again and again, even when I don’t feel like it. My life is richer, more meaningful and successful because of this choice. If you’re ready to make a change and are ready to work to become more resilient, start today.

You can do it. You can choose a more resilient life today.

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Coach Brett Blair

Originally published at blairleadershipgroup.com on March 12, 2016.

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