How successful people take a s**t.


I hope you didn’t think that this was going to be another “do as to be as” article that details how Sir Richard Branson or Bill Gates takes a crap and concludes with the recommendation that you do the same to achieve the same WILD success that they’ve achieved.


It don’t work like that.

But just so I don’t piss off anybody who actually clicked on this article in serious inquiry of the headline, let me go ahead and detail just exactly how successful people drop a deuce.

..wait for it….

just… like…


You’ll have to excuse my rap tendencies when I say “They doo doo like you do”

In all seriousness though, what I’ve noticed digging through multiple sources of personal development is that a lot of content exists with headlines such as mine in this article. They bait you to click with titles such as “How successful people make MILLIONS of dollars”, “How successful people behave”, “How successful people use their laptop” etc…

P.S. You’ve been doing it wrong

There are two things that I see as weird with these type of articles.

Number one

I feel that this type of thought prolongs the reader from actually achieving a ‘win’. Are you, reader, not successful? If you feel that you aren’t successful, can you really say that reading an article that goes into detail about why Elon Musk is will help you to achieve something better without first exploring why you don’t consider yourself to be? Which leads me to my next thought…

Number two

What do you personally consider to be the definition of success? I’ll be the first to tell you that money is important but “having all the moneys” definitely isn’t what I feel deems me a success.

Though one of these babies wouldn’t hurt right?

In fact financial security is only a piece of my ‘rich and successful pie’ recipe which also includes but is not limited to maintaining a positive mental attitude, good physical health, freedom from fear, applied faith, having the capacity to give, open mindedness & loving what I do.

All in all I like to have a little fun, hence the title of this article, and there’s nothing wrong with looking to prominent figures for clues on how to achieve your own world domination. There are VERY good books that use this exact concept of looking to successful people, boiling down the qualities that they all have in common and presenting them to the reader in a digestible and applicable manor and are magnificently executed (Think and Grow Rich anyone?).

All I’m suggesting is that you don’t get caught up in the hype of what (WELL KNOWN ENTREPRENEUR NAME HERE) is doing that makes them successful. They’ve had their beginnings. Get caught up in you OWN hype, define what success means to you specifically and get started on your own journey today!

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