1000 Strong

What a week for CoachCue! The community broke the 1,000 member mark and registered over 3,000 matchup votes. This is what we have been waiting for. CoachCue has always been fun and helpful for the advice the community offers on your lineup. Today, with 3,000 plus votes, CoachCue matchups carry much more weight and will continue to as membership grows.

The explosion here at CoachCue comes at just the right time, when we are all sick of the establishment. I mean really, was watching Monday night’s debate between Trump and Clinton any different than watching Berry and Yates debate who to start at quarterback this week? That’s why we had to bring it back to the people at CoachCue. And bring it back we did. Lead this week by Ray, NJstixx, Trev, Matty, and Rob Hacker, we are giving you a fair and balanced opinion on how to set your lineup. Here are a couple of the premier matchups being voted on right now over at CoachCue.

Desean Jackson vs. Emanuel Sanders

I like Jackson in every format. Cleveland’s passing defense is 22nd in the league, giving up nearly 300 passing yards per game. I have to believe Jackson is going to get his share, and voting at CoachCue agrees right now with a 17 to 14 vote. Obviously not overwhelming in favor of Desean, so login and vote!

Jordan Howard vs. Isiah Crowell

Jordan Howard matchups are dominating CoachCue this week while people continue to try and figure out the Bears running game after Forte’s departure. The bar has been set high for Howard too. He is winning in 13 of the 15 CoachCue matchups. This despite the fact that he has yet to score a touchdown or break 100 yards rushing. Crowell on the other hand has 2 touchdowns and a 133 yard game in week 2 against the Ravens. Nonetheless, the people have spoken and Howard is crushing Crowell in matchup voting 25–14. The numbers say Crowell, but the people say Howard. I side with the people. Young rookie, coaching staff saying he will be the Bears centerpiece and the fact that he is running against a Detroit D that is giving up over 100 yards per game, make Howard a big play this week.

TY Hilton vs. Emanuel Sanders

This is an intriguing matchup to me. Hilton is coming off of an amazing 174 and 1 performance, while despite a game one 117 yard and 2 touchdown performance week one, Sanders has not broken 50 yards or hit pay dirt sense. The voting is close though, with Hilton edging Sanders by only 7 votes. We need more votes and community comments to know why people still have faith in Sanders. My guess is that many voters are considering the fact that the Jags have a top 7 passing D which could give Luck and company some problems. We need to hear from you though!

These are just a few examples of the matchups going on at CoachCue right now. We want your opinion though! Who would you start? Login now.

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