A place to place my musings for those who may wish to read the randomness of a mad man….

Today – poetry…

A place in my heart you will always have

Missing your guidance for life and love

You are my musing today and evermore

I hope I will cope with you above

A mystery this thing I must go through

Without you at my side to hold tight

There are times I question all around me

But I must do more and fight this fight

I avoid thoughts of our life together

For fear of memories made

That bring with happiness and sadness

My inner psyche frayed

What next for me and our daughter brave

We find smiles in each other

But they miss one face

Yours which can’t be replaced her mother

Tomorrow we look for new points of joy

Spending time with more than just a friend

Whom will embrace our heart

But a distraction this is that has an end

Happiness where are you

Come to us now

Do you arrive

Or do I find you please tell me how.

It’s not my best work but it’s the best I have in me right now.

I hope those who read this comment and enjoy…

Kurt (and his thoughts)