A romantic murmur – Find hope where you can

Life has surprises waiting for you, they may be a smile, a glimpse of better, a moment to believe. See them, take them, hold them, feel them, savour them…

The thing is I didn’t find mine in one place I found it in many, it arrived and gave me an opportunity to smile.

  • Be your own 10th man
  • Be the stranger who helps
  • Be the hopeless/hapless romantic
  • Be the you you want to be

Love the things you can, be they a tin of warm soup, hot mug of coco, a warm embrace or something deep like me tonight when my daughter asked me to kiss her forehead at bedtime.

She won’t know it but what she did tonight was invite me to share in her smile… priceless

Find your smile, I did. I can only believe I am blessed. Today I will own that….