I asked the universe and it didn’t reply

How much can we cope with

I asked the universe when I would be happy again and it did not reply

I asked when I would smile again it was quite shy

I asked the universe why is my world falling down

I asked how could I feel this, just want rid of my frown

I asked the universe why me why those I love

I asked the universe how can we continue with this sadness from above

Now to me I know the answers won’t be the ones I want to hear

But I still ask hoping it will rid me of numbing fear

I’m a logical person with science as my sense

But hope for and have faith their may be a higher presence

Just give me a break let me be

For I just about coping with the loss of thee

Don’t deliver me bad news at my door

I had enough my body, mind and soul is sore

I’m not asking for glee, even joy or laughter

Just a break from this feeling ever after

It’s time to pause and take stock

Before we fall into total body shock

I’m empty, I’m done

I’ve had enough, it’s not fun

Let me be I’m done…

Kurt Ewald Lindley – hoping things will get better