Meeting Leah – a wealth of insight

I wish i knew of sooner…

Story 2 of 50 on my 12 months of meeting good people…and collecting learning stories.

Besides being kind of heart and giving, Leah is a mine of insight untapped – I’m going to share just one such piece of insight here.

In February of this year I wrote a blog – “10 years to get here, why so long’… I now know what could have made this journey better, smoother, quicker, or not so quick but I may have arrived in a better state….. MEETING Leah SOONER….

The thing is 10 years ago Leah may well have not been publishing what she has been recently and may well have not been in a place to share what she knows now back then……but we can share this now!

In my blog I refer to a ‘missed opportunity’, I ask myself – what could have given me the confidence to grasp this…and I write..

“now I have shifted my perspective – how can I help others…”

This blog is my contribution to “helping the person next to me”… however here I am not the helper but simply the pointer – pointing you toward Leah’s ‘Apprentice yourself’ approach to growth and development.

Leah K Stewart’s Beyond the Box Education – ‘Apprentice Yourself’

In this approach Leah offers 3 Smart ways to get a mentor. Getting leaders in your field noticing you and surrounding yourself with real mentors who want to help you create your own future…a strategy to take actions to move you into the field you care about rather than peering in from the edge…

Note: don’t start by asking people to be your mentor…strange but bare with us on this….

1. Create Your Flag – Launch yourself ‘quietly and intelegently’ into your field…your flag is the equivalent of a 1 pager online where you:

  • Show you care about your field
  • Show you are proactively working on this
  • Show you are up for learning more and understanding more
This helps others doing work in your field see you and stick their hand up to help you

My flag(s)…which still need work..

Now your flag is created…

2. Connect – tell someone who’s created something you have enjoyed and found thought provoking that you enjoyed it and found it thought provoking and most importantly why?

Invest in an honest response…don’t pretend you are interested just to make the connect….be authentic…

I do this often via twitter and LinkedIn and it has lead to great connections that last…

3. Point – Point these people from your field to your flag

  • writers and bloggers
  • Workshop presenters
  • Forum contributors
This will take you from a highly qualified nobody to a connected and growing authority within a field you care about - all within a few months…says Leah..and help you..
Build mentor-mentee relationships packed with mutual respect

Follow this advice and apprentice yourself to a field you care about..

You may not get there quicker…but you will arrive in a better state, having had a better journey, guided, supported and taking not missing opportunities.

For all those on a personal journey of development and growth I recommend meeting Leah – metaphorically, virtually or if you are lucky enough as I was meet her in person…she has a great story to tell about personal growth and bravery in changing career direction – she went with her heart and it has taken her to places she wants to go. Check out the original blog and videos here…

I am still pondering the good questions I don’t yet know but need to ask of Leah that will definitely further my thinking, career, personal development, growth and everything else…her subtle approach but firm thought and professional nature is refreshing and easy to connect with.

Kurt Ewald Learning – sharing a small part of someone with grater value than she may know