Poetry on the school run

Pull your sock up

Pull your socks up (boy/girl)

But why (sir/miss)


Met with a sigh

This images represent play and a morning of joyfulness

Running and skipping

with less than a care

Seeking opportunities

to take risks and dare

Running at full speed

with no end point in mind

Holding hands with new friends

being kind

Catching your breath

With red cheeks

Like a beacon of fun

A sign this couple now seeks

Hiding behind benches

Look outs beware

For your glimpse at them

May come with a stare

Spotted, you run

Find a new place to sneak

In quiet voices

You whisper to speak

“Found you” I hear

And the game moves on

New people in tow

The collective play on

The bell goes

They retreat to their class

Queue excitedly

For learning to pass

For what we see in the image may not be a true portrayal of what is there. One lens looking toward sees a less than perfect presentation of self, the other looking within sees the output of joy.

This moment captured my attention and I felt compelled to write

Kurt Ewald Lindley – enjoying the drop of