What’s my why?

Revisiting this question as I progress ‘Be More’

“Why am I doing this…?”

Having stepped away from a wonderful job as the People Development Manager at British Shooting and put both feet into the world of ‘freelancing’ I find myself reflecting on a blog I wrote over 12 months ago (See below – the work dilemma – May 2017). In it I wrote the following words as an attempt to figure out my why

“What compels me…what energises me?”

I’m now deliberately committing time to understand this first over getting to busy doing what I have done before..

Original blog

I’m deliberately making time to do more stuff in the blue (see the blog above). Stuff that gives me high energy but I may not yet be skilled at, however I could become awesome at over time and totally love. How good would that be….

In doing this I am surrounding myself with good people, who by their very presence will help me move forward and get better. Thank you in advance to those that passively and actively contribute.

This phase of my development is not just about getting good at things I like to do but am yet to be good at, it’s about discovering the things that I didn’t know I would be good at… it’s about exploring:

  1. What I am good at but seems to be to easy, in that it doesn’t feel right (why do I think anything good has to take hard work)?
  2. What do I not even know I could be good at yet because I either have never tried it or didn’t even know it existed?

How does this all link to my why?

The Simon Sinek view of this may have you fashioning just 1 why… but I seem to be drawn to TWO

  • That which serves my EGO
  • That which serves my COMMUNITY

I am now to sit with this and let it incubate a while…

Kurt Ewald Lindley – being deliberated about my decision to be self-employed