It’s 5am

The sun is still down

I navigate the streets

Avoid the dark alleyways of town

Air-con units whirring

On empty buildings for now

Car headlights pass

Pub window with stories to tell

Crisp air

A snapping breeze

Taxis awaiting

Trains at station please

The homeless man sleeping

Doncaster I depart

London calls

It’s an early start

The metro as my read

What stories await

Sleeping sitting up

Snoring my fate

20min to leaving

While the red coats prepare

My Azuma charity for today

Glistening with flair

Vending machines all stocked

Sugary treats call

Caffeine highs

In coffee cups tall

It’s time to leave

I will see you all soon

The YST Conference

And a Twickenham stadium room

Kurt Lindley – it’s been a while so why not

For all those parents homeschooling right now

This is my ‘home-office’ floor and my daughter (age 7) – my masterpiece is the smaller of the two structures (to the left of the image) with the awesome slide!

If I’m not being a parent, homeschooling or working I’m eating and sleeping…

We are one week into a 6…

Approaching life with optimisum

Its been a while since I’ve written a blog after meeting someone. …

What lies have you been telling yourself

This may well be the most important blog I’ve written this year….. the image below depicts my tension between work and leisure, balanced on a fulcrum. I must ask…

“To gain more time in my ‘happy place’ what inconvenient truths about my work and who I am might I need…

Have we been over watering the plants?

So I’ve come across a number of ‘catchy’ phrases in Learning and Development Strategies over the past 10 or so years and always wondered what sat behind them.

Phrases like:

“We need ‘thirsty’ learners who are ‘creative’ problem solvers”

Sounds great doesn’t it, I think we all want this. I think we…

You are digging….

You are digging at the foundations of solid ground

Why come along and rock them

Why do you persist, pull and push

Why do you insist, to tug and crush

You are digging at the foundations of my home

Why do you want to poke and prod

Why do you want to send it up in smoke (you sod)

You’re setting fire to the fabric of my world

Letting it burn without my control

You’re subtly removing my sense of freedom and soul

Locking me to my own thoughts, it’s taking it’s toll

Oh Covid

Why do want to stamp on my fate

Why do you want to isolate

Oh Covid just go!

Kurt Ewald Lindley – feeling lockdown M2!


The ramblings of a father of 1, business owner, sole trader, self proclaimed philosopher in the midst of a Pandemic – Covid-19!

Today – don’t just start your day, START SOMETHING _________

Don’t just head to the office (thats if you can) and get on with your work, don’t just open your e mails and begin replying…

I saw this and thought of you

Ok first up I must say the content for this blog as been fuelled by the May 202o PEPORT BY Accenture: COVID-19 5-Priorities-To-Help-Reopen-And-Reinvent-Your Business.

I found this document good reading, but I particularly was captured by their labelling of the future ‘The Never Normal’. Who’s feeling this right now!!!! …

And being called out

As I write this blog I have no idea where it will go, I have nothing more than the title and the experience. So lets see what happens…

Being called out

So this happened last week… 5 minutes into a call with an executive coach whilst I was spouting off about how good…

Personal philosophy and the overcoming the imposter syndrome

Serious questions – do you know who you are? As a father, brother, sister, mother, cousin, friend, colleague, LEADER.

Because if you don’t you will no doubt feel yourself lost at times – lost in direction, thought and conviction.

Most of us (most people), me included work our way through…

Kurt Ewald Lindley

Father 1st everything else 2nd, Owner@, passionate about learning & People Dev #lazydyslexic Putting myself in places 2B found

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