Get Out Of The Way


To get out of the way is to “surrender to life.”

It is to hop on the train as a passenger rather than being the conductor.

Here, we can watch the majestic landscape as the conductor takes on an enjoyable trip.

If we were trying to tell the conductor where to go, where to stop, and any other controlling desires the trip would lose its excellence. We would be actively disrupting the trip through “trying” to be the conductor.

We’ve mistaken our role as the conductor.

We are the passenger.

The ego doesn’t like to be out of control.

So we listen to it and try to do the conductor’s job.

How often have you “tried” to control events?
How successful has this strategy been?
Do you feel fulfilled when you act this way?
Do you enjoy it?
How is this working for you?

Further, when we arrive at the moments in life where everything feels like a dream come true, everything aligning seemingly through magic, do we take the credit?

It is not only “surrender to life” as an action of non-action, it is surrendering credit for the fruits of the active non-action.

Too often, we take or want to take the credit. And often, it stems from the desire to look superior to the outer world and are immediate sphere.

Surrender to your art as C.S. Lewis is deeper than music, writing, and any other endeavor.

It is surrender to the Art of Your Life.

Time is ticking.

Surrender completely to the Art of Life.

Wanting to take credit may serve evolutionary biology. The more people who saw you succeed the more likely you were to spread your genes. Living in a scarce grassland, this may have been advantageous.

But we live in abundant times.

However, combining the “conductor” role with the “credit taker” mindset we halt the train completely or even worse, derail it.

When the train derails, it can be minor like a wake-up call.

Or, it can be a catastrophic event spiraling out of control.

We’ve all been there.

While we cannot control every event (nor would that be useful), we can control our thoughts, words, and actions.

It starts with relinquishing control.

Relinquish control to whatever force is out there.

Relinquish control of what is going to happen.

Detach from the outcome and enjoy the ride.

It’s less stressful, anyway.

The argument, albeit a simple-minded one is “Are you saying just sit back and think your way to a good life?”

No. Absolutely not. Charlatans and snake oil salesman will sell the false path. They will lead you down an illusory path. Maybe you’ve even been temporarily duped in the past. These are easy to see.

No. I am saying practice discipline.

Develop healthy habits of movement, nutrition, writing (organizing psyche), study, and meditation/deep breathing/walking with the ultimate aim to conquer yourself.

This is not for everyone. And that’s ok. We don’t all need to go on the same path and there isn’t a path for everyone to go on together. Each of us has our own unique path laid out for us to walk down.

The reminders are there for us all to see the way groups form in culture and society. These groups become robotic. Groupthink rules thought. People relinquish individuality for a safe existence in the group.

I know this is death for me.

But maybe it is right for you.

I’m not here to judge.

But if you are one of those individuals valuing self-reliance, individuality, and freedom in every sense of the word, aim high.

Relinquish Control.

Detach from the Outcome.

Relinquish Thoughts of Credit.

Praise the Beauty of Life.

Live in Gratitude.

Connect Everything to Conquering Yourself.

Walk in Love.