Health, Wellness, & 800 Calorie Diets

Question: Does the 800 calorie a day diet work?

My response:

Consider the question.

Consider asking a different question.

Approach it from a broader perspective.

Does the 800 calorie work (For What)?

Does it work for reducing weight? Yes, for a little while.

Does it work for health? No. Eating 800 calories is a silly place to be. Either fast or eat the caloric needs to maintain muscle, promote leanness, and keep adequate body fat levels. Eat according to the lifestyle you desire without shame.

I liken 800 calorie a day approach to jogging. Run fast or walk. Don’t sit in the middle for the benefits are found on either pole. See Dr. De Vany or listen to him on this podcast.

If you want to be healthy, the actions necessary are simple (not to be confused with easy). You know what they are.

Fasting has many benefits. Should you do it the rest of your life, every day? No.

Dopamine and Fasting on Science Daily

Is it a great practice to develop a healthy relationship with food, reach deeper levels of spirituality, and mentally challenge yourself? Yes. Besides there are numerous health benefits of fasting and intermittent fasting (See Brad Pilon here and Martin Berkhan here).

But the starting point is not in efforts to lose weight (for most). Unless you are extremely obese (Therapeutic fasting in morbid obesity, On-and-off fasting helps fight obesity, study finds: Researchers investigate why periods of sporadic fasting can be beneficial for the metabolism, ), the approach to lose weight as the primary goal and fasting as the primary action I think it is a poor pairing. It has a place but it is within a network of actions including sleep hygiene, movement practice, 80/20 or 90/10 nutrition, breath work, and water.

Habits, however, are the foundation cornerstone.

800 calorie diets are not.