Shedding Parasites

Human Experience Parasites:









-Social Media over-consumption

-Negative attitudes




Snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth and to remove parasites. It reaches a point where further growth is not possible. When this occurs a new layer forms underneath the current one. To remove the skin the snake may go for a swim to loosen it up and then create a rip in the old skin on something hard like a rock or log.

What parasites are attached to you?

How many parasites have you allowed to infect your mind through habits, attitudes, and those whom you associate with?

What about your relationships?

Are you dating someone who takes life away rather than adding?

What about your job?

And your family…are you held back by the people who are there to be a home?

What about your body?

Are you housing a meat vehicle of parasites?

Are you carrying excessive body fat?

Do you breathe excessively?

Give yourself more credit than you do. If other people heard the conversations you have with yourself and how you talk to yourself they would be appalled. Be kinder to yourself. But we’ve got to follow this kindness with a plan of action and subsequent action. Step by step and inch by inch we make progress.

The growth is hiding underneath the parasitic skin you have yet to shed. But it’s there. The work needs to be put in to push out the old skin. You’ve probably already done a lot of the work. Some of the work comes in the form of true acceptance of yourself. Some of it is simply getting out of the way.

Get out of the way so life can guide you. Some of the work may be in the form of detaching and letting go. A lot of it will be difficult which is why you’ve avoided it for the most part.

And I get it. I pushed myself to the brink of suicide. At the very least I was in and out of depression for 7 years.

I know what it’s like to resist my own growth. But the new skin was building underneath the old skin I was refusing and resisting. Eventually, I broke through. Not in one moment. It’s not a fairy tale. It comes in spurts.

And once you understand the biggest barrier is you getting in the way of your own growth, “leveling up” will begin.

Give yourself grace to fail.

Shed your skin, little by little.

Be kinder to yourself.

Make a plan of immediate action on something that has been on the back-burner.

Take the tiniest step and most actionable one, today.

Keep the train moving.

Stay out of the train’s way by avoiding negative habit loops of negative self-talk, complaining, excuses, and blaming.

Take ownership and responsibility for your life.

If you need a coach, I’m here.

“First I was called gutsy, brave, and different.
Then I was called an example.
Now, I am called teacher.”