The Root Of All Your Problems

If I were re-designing the school’s curriculum I would include the following:

-Proper breathing mechanics (nasal, belly, breath holds, alternative methods, etc)
-Proper walking mechanics (glute drive, big toe, etc)
-Reflexive Performance Reset Wake Up Drills (teachers as practitioners and students doing wake up drills daily)
-Midday Mindfulness

What would you include?


The breathing, walking, and RPR is part of a global system to integrate the entire organism (the student) in mind, body, psyche, personality, and emotional management.

How many people are walking around in dysfunction?
How many people have developed the skills to take care of themselves when dysfunction occurs?
How many are self-reliant? How many can identify the likely causes of fatigue, pain, etc?

I believe in self-reliance. The ability to understand your own suffering, struggle, and then be able to inch towards reconciliation of it is empowering.

That’s why I do what I do. But I do it with myself before anyone else.

I am full of myself. I practice being full. Because if I show up completely full to the best of my ability I am able to give to everyone that much more.

I don’t discipline myself because it’s the “in” thing to do or because I want to sound cool when I refer to Jocko Willink.

I do it because everyone I work with needs me to show up completely full. I am here to serve myself, first and foremost. It was a difficult thing to wrestle with for a while.

We like to fit things into nice boxes and say the right things. We like to not stand out so we don’t get backlash. We like to be understood. We like to fall in line even if we explicitly reject this notion.

I’ve learned there is no point in being understood. I am not seeking for validation to be understood by anyone anymore. People who want to understand me will come into my life and those who will make judgments will do so.

It matters not to my mission. And I am detached in this process. I don’t look down on anyone for that. Look, we have a finite amount of time and to try and understand everything and everyone deeply is a fools game. You will run yourself crazy and you will pay for it.

So, why would I try to be understood? Why would I make that my aim? So people can validate me? So I can feel worthy?

We are all worthy. We are all validated by the gift of life. We must use this gift. First, to build ourselves up. Second to use what we’ve built to give to others.

People will argue this point. And I get it. But it’s an emotional argument for most.

I’m an example of someone who is giving more than I have ever been capable of because I am consistently developing, disciplining, and removing the unnecessary from my life. It is not by first helping others that I have been able to provide value to people. It is by starting with the source which gives.

Back when I was consistently going in an out of depressive weeks and months, I was unable to give to people. Do you think I should have “given to other people.” There was nothing to give.

So I implore you to take yourself seriously. Take your life seriously. This doesn’t mean you don’t smile, find the humor in everything, and reject kindness. In fact, that’s how I enjoy life…the blend of it all.

If you don’t take your life seriously, you may regret it. You may regret the impact you didn’t have. You may regret never following through with the gifts you were given.

And it’s not too late to start. That’s a fallacy. It just gets harder each day you don’t. But it’s not impossible. Resist the temptation to believe there isn’t a way to feel better.

You must not believe you are destined to feel this pain the rest of your life…that there is a way out. And the way out is you. You are the solution to all of your problems, issues, and challenges. You are.

Look, there are real victims. I get that. But you, are you a victim to yourself? Do you inflict harm upon yourself knowingly and unknowingly? Do you have a habit of negative habits, practices, thoughts, and attitudes?

If you do, and become aware that is step one. But step two is immediately resolving this is not what you want. That you will not allow this to continue. Then, identify the most immediate small action step you can take with the easiest thing on your list. That’s how progress starts.

I remember the day I resolved to discontinue on the path I was on. It was a path that lead me staring into a mirror with a belt around my neck. Sullen look on my face, I felt for the first time in months a glimmer of emotion. I asked myself which pain was worse: The pain I am currently in or the pain of suffering through this and coming out the other side?

I threw the belt down. I cried. I resolved that day to follow my individual path and go all in. You can do it. It has given me gifts I am not even able to begin explaining. It has guided me through the darkness of my psyche and into the light. Now, I am ready to help others fully.

If you are looking for a Coach, I am here.

Message for inquiries.

Don’t settle for mediocrity.