What You Do Is Who You Are

Teetering between chaos and order is an act of a fluid individual.

A brave warrior will put one foot in chaos and one in order, walking down the middle.

Routine gives us a security in the realm of Order.

Discipline carves out a solid haven we can always call back to.

It gives solid footing as we walk bravely into Chaos.

Creativity is found in Chaos. But for most of us, structured routine surrenders us to the Chaos with grace. Without discipline, creativity runs wild and we are unable to harness it.

What we do is who we are.

What we do is who we are.

What you say is useless if you act a completely different way.

Alignment of thought, word, and action is the practice of Attunement.

When we become attuned the various phenomena of deja vu, synchronicities, “how did that work out so well,” and so on begin happening for us.

It should come as no surprise, however due to the power of the unseen forces attunement brings with it.

Think of it practically.

At work, you think of the ways to be more productive and a better communicator. Then everything you say, your speech, aligns with those thoughts. And lastly, you begin to act in every moment in alignment with those two things.

How much better would your work experience be?

Transfer the example to a relationship?

It is so simple yet it feels like magic.

To consistently practice this alignment of thought, word, and action is anything but easy, however.

I’ve discovered this was one of the primary reasons for my periods of darkness.

The fracture of the relationship between thought, word, and action was something I KNEW was happening. I self-sabotaged myself along the way. There were plenty moments in time where I got out of my own way. This resulted in the attunement I thought was only possible “sometimes.”

So I was expecting it to go away. I allowed my fragile ego to run my life. And I fell back into the familiar darkness.

But I didn’t accept this fall. I continued to experiment, climb out, and fall back down. I wanted to give up many times.

If I had a button to end my life I would have pushed it.

What I found was the pain of regret…the pain of not seeing this all the way through would be too much.

Discipline saved my life.

Discipline equals freedom.

Discipline allows me to walk in Chaos.