Love, Sacrifice and the Divine Thinking Lawyer

Here i was again this cool Friday evening at about 4:00pm preparing myself for my task as a knowledge consultant with enthusiasm. Today’s interview was going to be an e-interview quite different from the norm. Tope and I were going to have an online discussion from the comfort of our homes. I proceeded straight away to ask Tope what the most significant story from the last session was for him, and he was apt to testify that the “city on a Hill” story captivated him; most especially what Coach Heal had to go through to achieve his goal.

Angwan-Dadi — The community on a Hill

In Tope’s opinion he said “it takes a lot to do what he did and i think his success came from his ability to master the four basic elements of a divine thinking lawyer. Faith, love, discipline and innovation”.

You see Coach Heal our training facilitator had volunteered to help out a remote community in Nyanya shortly after a bomb blast and had to become a settler there to enable him study the way of life of the people and further render his assistance despite all odds.

Coach Heal talking to a community Leader in Angwan Dadi

This story had not only taught Tope the value of sacrifice and true love but had strengthened his faith in giving back to the society. I wanted to know if Tope had a limit to sacrifice and his reply really got me nodding “Before now i wouldn’t say i didn’t have a limit but i think i like to play safe sort of. We all have the tendency to not want to overreach ourselves. I just imagine what would have happened if Coach Heal had looked at the environment and the odds. They were much; the house, the topography, the people, sanitation, food, even drinking water. It takes the next Level of self-sacrifice.

It takes divine love and faith to leave your comfort zone for a rural community you know nothing about. It takes discipline to maintain focus in spite of challenges and it takes an innovative mind-set to churn out contextually relevant community development solutions that will create peace.

Coach Heal speaking with young persons at the community

We are in the age of the divine and the divine thinking lawyer should and must embrace his/her role for society to have a chance.

Are you ready?