5 Step Guide to Become a Star in Your Role

Throughout our lives, we are asked to play many roles, each one building upon the next to form the story of our lives. By learning to shine in each act, we can continue to take steps forward towards unlocking the greatness within us.

On the New England Patriots, the phrase “Do your Job,” is the calling card for the entire organization. Led by Coach Bill Belichick, the players are assigned roles, asked to set aside their egos, and buy into the Patriots team first mentality.

“Every person on the team has a job to do. A coach has a job to do. The quarterback has a job to do. The left guard has a job to do. I can’t do his. They can’t do mine. They can’t do each others. They have to do theirs. How the team comes together and everybody is able to perform in their role and maximize their capacity in their role, that is what having a good team is all about. — Bill Belichick (Management Secrets of the New England Patriots by James Lavin)

Within our own lives, we all may have different roles, but we all share one common characteristic; we are all valuable. By learning to excel within our role, we can maximize our production.

5 Step Guide to Star in Your Role:

  1. Find out Your Role: We can learn more about our role by simply asking a coach or executive, “Where can I help our team the most?” The feedback will provide clarity and help give us direction moving forward.
  2. Give Thought to Understand Your Role: Once your responsibilities have been defined, you can start giving thought to your role. Maybe it’s the position you were hoping for, maybe it’s not, no matter what, your team needs you. The opportunity to learn, grow, and maximize your role lies within your hands.
  3. Accept Your Role: For some, this can be the most difficult step. Acceptance requires buy in, and roles requires sacrifice. Agreeing to do the dirty work, the repetitive tasks, the non-glamour jobs, can prove to be a challenge. But the best teams all find a way to put aside their personal agendas. Our coach, Doc Rivers says, “Once you receive a role, you must accept it, or otherwise it won’t work. It can’t be about who’s right, it’s about getting it right.”
  4. Become a Star in Your Role: Team members that can only fill a role are no longer sought out. Average is no longer hired. Companies and teams want people who excel in their role. Jack Welch, the CEO of GE, said, “Find out what your boss wants and then over-deliver.” The winning teams all include people who are fully bought in, who do their job, and do it well.
  5. Be Consistent in Your Role: The best of the best solidify themselves through their consistency. Over long periods of time they remain dependable. Reputable reputations are earned through consistency. Coach Belichick calls Tom Brady one of the most consistent players he’s ever coached, “He works hard every week. His training, his preparation, his practice habits, his games, he’s had a lot of consistency.”

By becoming a star in your role, you will not only excel in your current position, but you will also raise the level of those around you.

Until next week. Thanks for reading.


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