The 3 Life Changing Benefits of Having a Mentor

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself,” said Oprah Winfrey. It really is so true. Having another person in whom we trust, believe in our abilities, can vault us towards unprecedented levels of success.

Carli Lloyd, the US Women’s Soccer midfielder, became a star in last Summer’s World Cup. In the championship game against Japan, Lloyd led the US to victory scoring three of her team’s first four goals.

The fascinating part of Lloyd’s story is she almost quit the game of soccer altogether.

In the summer of 2003, after being cut by the US Under 21 National Team, Lloyd was devastated and decided to quit. “I left the meeting crying and just really upset and just figured I just can’t do it anymore. I couldn’t get myself mentally there, physically there,” said Lloyd.

She had lost the hope within herself. In a last second effort, her dad contacted world renowned soccer developmental coach, James Galanis.

With the help of Galanis, Lloyd completely revamped her physical stature and mental makeup. She built her confidence, improved her work ethic, and locked into the process of becoming great.

Lloyd says of meeting Galanis, “He’s never doubted me. It was the first time in my career that I felt that someone believed in me to the point where they could actually get me there. He’s my mentor.”

Lloyd, the same player who was cut from the Under 21 National Team, is now considered one of the top women’s soccer players in the world.

Lloyd’s story is truly remarkable, but it’s one that would not have happened without the help of another. In our own lives, there are people willing to help, if we would only have the courage to ask.

The 3 Life Changing Benefits of a Mentor:

  1. A Mentor Helps Smooth the Path: Life at times can be difficult. As young people, the insight, advice, and guidance from a mentor can help us navigate through obstacles.
  2. A Mentor See’s Our Potential: A mentor sees the greatness within us. Sometimes we tend to overlook ourselves, but a mentor sees our greatest strengths.
  3. A Mentor Helps us Develop: Mentors care. They help. They are truth tellers with soft hands. As Coach Brendan Suhr says, “Coaching is taking people where they cannot take themselves.” A mentor helps us reach new heights!

Mentorship is so much more than just a widened set of contacts. It’s the start of a life changing journey.

While searching for a mentor, take your time. Look for someone in which you admire. Have the courage to ask. You can never go wrong by asking.

Remember as well, we are surrounded by mentors that we overlook. Books, articles, documentaries and Youtube’s all contain incredible knowledge. There is no need to wait! Your learning can begin today!

Until next week, thanks for reading.


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