“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

“Face the fear and do it anyway.”

“Don’t let fear stand in the way of your dreams.”

You’ve seen these quotes and about a million others talking about FEAR. We’re told to face our fear, overcome our fears, or just ignore fear all together. Geez, we give this guy “fear” too much power! Who does he think he is anyway?

Don’t get me wrong, FEAR is a real emotion, one that stops many (including me) from trying new things, moving forward into the abyss of the unknown, saying what’s on our minds, (ok, well, not me!) jumping out of airplanes, trying that chocolate covered grasshopper, etc. As business owners, FEAR is part of our every day. We’re constantly climbing out on some flimsy limb, trying to make big things happen. Actually, I don’t think we should call this FEAR. It’s PRESSURE we’re truly adverse to.

Pressure is what creates the fear, and keeps us from kicking ass and taking names! #ScrewThat

I don’t know about you, but I have no time to sit around letting pressure keep me from achieving what I deserve. I have a business to run for goodness sake!

Here are the 3 most common types of pressure I see small business owners face and what to do about it.

Pressure from OTHERS:

In the world of zesty entrepreneurs we face skepticism from the start!

I remember when I first started my business, my husband said he had no problem with me going out to make my mark on the world. Mind you, he was used to me having a “normal” career, with benefits, sick days, vacations, paid for trips and a juicy paychecks direct deposited every week. every week. He just assumed nothing would change.

Sure, on the outside he was saying “go for it sweetie!” yet, every few days, he would pop his head into my office and lovingly ask…”how’s your business going? Close any new clients today? Need me to run a fat check to the bank for you?”


It took many months before I could finally give him a kiss goodbye in the morning while simultaneously flipping the bird to his opinion. I had to release myself of the PRESSURE he was feeling and instead focus on the daily maneuvers needed to make big things happen. #success

Pressure from OURSELVES:

From a very young age we’re given ideas (mostly our parents obsession) of what it means to be successful in our careers. The sad part is, many grow up believing that if we don’t meet those absurd standards, we just suck!

I have a friend whose father told her on a consistent basis that the fastest way to success was to marry rich. If she was going to be one of “those gals” and forge her own road than she should make at least $250,000 a year, or consider herself poor.

She adopted this mentality and almost married the WRONG guy and when she did find a fabulous man, she held herself back from true happiness because they hadn’t met that $250K mark. She feared failure so much that she didn’t give ANYTHING a chance to work itself through. This PRESSURE created years of her hopping from job to job, looking for the big money. #unhappy

Instead of letting the PRESSURE you place on yourself create an erratic environment, place that energy on being honest with yourself about what true happiness looks like. #youaregoodenough

Pressure from CHANGE:

Change is a constant — especially in the entrepreneurial space. Change certainly keeps us keenly aware of the abundance of opportunities out there. But it can also be frickin’ SCARY.

A client and I were recently reminiscing about when she was just getting started — building her business from the ground up. One minute she’s working for someone, the next, she’s working for herself!

She didn’t have much time to adjust, and before she could firmly grasp one sector of her business there were three more knocking on her door, all demanding for attention. Change was a constant.

The pressure of knowing more change and ultimately more decisions were coming her way created the opposite effect. She froze. Made no decisions. She almost froze herself out of business.

Take the pressure away from adopting every change that comes your way. She and I worked on a 60 day plan for her business and put a moratorium on chasing any change during that time. This helped her see her business plan clearly and when a new change came her way, instead of jumping to conclusion or assumption, which adds pressure to change; she looked at it as a positive opportunity or NOT. #walkaway

PRESSURE applied right, can become the perfect motivator!

Basic keys for successfully applying pressure.

1. See pressure as a barometer to your passion — there’s good stuff in there!

2. Hone your erratic energy into smart, purposeful daily maneuvers

3. Be unapologetic with who you are, what you’re creating and HOW you want to get there.

Let’s. Make. It. Happen.