Should You Skip the MBA?
Ryan Holmes

Fantastic article! I’ve always felt the same way. An MBA is not what it used to be. It’s more of a stepping stone down the path towards a doctorate. As you alluded to in your article, everyone in society has unlimited access to knowledge thanks to the Internet, and we are always one click away from success. I’ve found that the only people who argue against this fact are those who pursued an MBA. I, myself, received a BFA in 2001, and while I greatly appreciate the experience and the knowledge that I gained in that time, I can truthfully say that I could’ve received that very same education at a fraction of the price via the world wide web, granted the Internet circa 2001 wasn’t near the ocean of information that it is today. But if a person feels that an MBA gives him direction, then more power to him. Not everyone has the commitment and fortitude to seek out his own education.

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