Jetster being Jetster.

Who the Hell is this Guy?

Spoiler Alert!!! That’s Coach Jetster! I don’t typically like to post pics of this nature, but when it comes to what I’m trying to do with my Beachbody business, it’s almost imperative. I’m a product of the product, and I should be proud of that fact. But damn…it’s awkward. Before I go any further, it should be noted that this is the second installment in a series of articles that I’m posting about the Beachbody business. Please check out my first article, “WTF is Beachbody?” I hope that you continue to enjoy my fun and interesting take on the entire Beachbody business model. Anyway, here’s a little more about me!!!

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BFA in musical theatre in 2002, and moved straight to New York City, where I’ve been working on and off (as all actors do) for the past twelve years. I’ve had the luxury of traveling the world as a performer with various tours, cruise ships, regional gigs, etc. You also may have seen me on Broadway…if you had dinner before seeing a Broadway show, as I have consistently found work in the food and beverage industry in and around mid-town Manhattan for more than a decade! All part of living the dream.

McConaughey being McConaughey.

In addition to honoring my duties as a Beachbody coach and musical theatre performer, I decided to use some of my free time to create an eco-friendly bicycle-powered shaved ice business called Ice Riders.

My eco-friendly shaved ice business!

I’m also the creator of the educational theatre documentary “NY Libretto,” and writer of the book “The New York Actor’s Survival Guide.”

My educational documentary and textbook about the theatre industry in New York City.

So like many of you, I’ve got a lot going on! Oh, my greatest accomplishment can be seen at where you can watch in awe as my good friend JoJo and I beat the 8-bit Nintendo game of Contra in tandem without losing a single, solitary life. I know I know, you’re probably thinking, “Hey Jetster. With an accomplishment like that, why would you ever need Beachbody?!?!” Well, who doesn’t need additional income? Believe it or not, I’ve actually LOST money in my Contra accomplishments as I continue to pay for a website that gets roughly ten views a year…seven of which are from me. Anyway, I digress…but don’t let that stop you from visiting the little gem that is Contramasters!

The most mind-blowing website ever created!

First of all, I’d like to revisit the fact that I am a product of the product. But consider that irrelevant for the next two sentences. As you learn more and more about the Beachbody business, you’ll grow to understand that it’s certainly not a necessity to be in shape or have any knowledge about weightlifting, cardiovascular training, or nutrition to build a steady income with this company. If you are a business-savvy person who is only interested in the potential financial gains, then you, too, have the opportunity to find great success in this business. But I’ve always been more of a practice what you preach kind of guy, and being a product of the product is only going to help you in your quest for “great white sharkness,” so I will continue to encourage you to lead a life a of health and fitness.

You better listen to this guy!

Now, I’ve been doing the Beachbody workouts and using the supplements for all seven years of my Beachbody coaching career. I used to hate the idea of workout videos until I was forced to find an answer for accomplishing my health and fitness goals while working as an actor abroad. I originally fell in love with Beachbody when I was on tour with the musical EVITA.

“Don’t cry for me, Argentina.”

We were a bus and truck tour, so we spent many a night in random hotels ranging anywhere from some of the swankiest 5-star hotels to some of the shi**iest hotels you’ve ever seen. So whether it’s a mint on your pillow or a used contraceptive under your bed, I’ve probably stayed there. From poolside push-ups to emergency exit stairwell pull-ups, P90X has traveled with me all across the United States.

I started using P90X in September of 2007, and I haven’t looked back since. From P90X to Turbo-Jam to Body Beast to Insanity, I’ve done it all. And I can honestly say that Beachbody has created the most well-rounded, universally appealing system of workout programs in the world. It’s Beachbody. It’s awesome!

Some of Beachbody’s more popular workout programs and nutrition supplements.

Over the past seven years as a Beachbody coach, I’ve been strongly encouraged by my up-line coach to take my business to the next level. As I mentioned in the previous article, my up-line coach is my long-time friend and multi-star diamond coach, Jimmy Nelson, better known throughout the Beachbody community as Coach Jimmy. That’s right…THE Coach Jimmy. For those of you who don’t know Coach Jimmy…he’s kind of a big deal. Jimmy is the team leader of one of the coolest Beachbody crews out there. They’re aptly and cleverly named The Crew. Jimmy can also be seen sweating his ass off in the newest program in the Beachbody catalog, PiYo, the first ever purely pilates and yoga based video program to hit the ever-expanding shelves of Beachbody. Check it out!


It looks fun and painful if you’re into that sort of thing. Anyway, over the course of my seven years as a Beachbody coach, Jimmy has been trying to get me to attend various seminars and sit in on video meetings and listen in on phone calls and make the annual trek to summit and so on an so forth. And I always seem to have an excuse for NOT going. Granted, they’re usually legitimate excuses, but there’s no reason why I can’t find a way to participate in the Beachbody community and grow my business. Hence…this series of articles! I will also be attending my first-ever annual Beachbody Summit in Nashville this summer, by the way!

Now you may be saying to yourself, “Okay, Jet. This stuff about you and your love affair with Beachbody is all well and good. But I still feel like I don’t know anything about you. Who are you? Where did you come from? Why did you start working out? Do you have a transformation story?” These are all valid questions. So the final section of this article will hopefully provide some answers. This short story can also be found on my coaching website at

This is where it all began, folks.

Growing up in West Texas all of my life, I was never taught the true value of good nutrition and healthy workout habits. I was raised on fast food burgers, fried onion rings, and copious amounts of cheese fries (dipped in ranch dressing, of course). My problems, however, were unlike those of other people who indulge in these temptations — they had no effect on my physique!!! Exciting, right? Wrong! At age 18, I was 5’10’’ and weighed a measly 115 lbs.

I spent much time in the latter part of my senior year flexing my pathetic biceps in the bathroom mirror and wondering when I would grow into a man. This prompted me to begin weight training immediately. I still remember my first month of working out. It was my senior year of high school. I joined my good buddy after school every other day at the YMCA for a little weight lifting. The first time I attempted a bench press, he had to rush over to spot me as I was moments away from dropping the bar directly on my face. After saving my life, his comment was, “Dude, that’s not a lot of weight.” It was 65 lbs. How embarrassing is that? If you’re not familiar with the bench press, it should be noted that the bar alone weighs 45 lbs.

Most people would take the easier route of “This workout thing just isn’t for me.” After all, I had always had a six-pack. Of course, it looked more like that of a six-year-old. But I used this 65 lb struggle as motivation. It would be nice to be able to one day carry my wife into our honeymoon suite without asking the bellhop for assistance. Besides, I’ve never been a quitter at anything in life.

So, I trained diligently over the next few months right up through college. Throughout my tenure at the University of Oklahoma, I could not afford the assistance of a personal trainer; so I just kind of talked to strangers at the gym regardless of their credibility. All I knew was that they were more knowledgeable than me. After this, I started reading some of the more popular health and fitness magazines, gaining a better understanding of some of the basic principles of exercise and diet. Over the years, I finally began putting on more and more muscle mass which eventually lead me to where I am today: 5’10”, 165 lbs, with a man’s midsection…not a boy’s.

For years I refused to do any kind of extensive cardiovascular routine constantly trying to convince myself that I would get too skinny. In retrospect, I can openly admit that I had just been lazy, and I had always hated cardiovascular activity that didn’t have a point. If I’m going to run, there had better be a ball and a court or a field involved. And someone had better be keeping score. But that’s just the competitor in me.

Well after my buddy and fellow coach, Jimmy, introduced me to Beachbody and the P90X program, aside from growing obsessed with the intense weight training, I actually found a SLIGHT bit of enjoyment in the cardiovascular workouts. Who wants to run on a treadmill for hours on end? Not me. And I still say that today. But it is vital in fitness to maintain a healthy heart, and cardiovascular training is a sure-fire way to keep the old ticker in tip-top shape.

I’ve often heard, “It’s easy for you because you’re naturally skinny. Plus, you enjoy working out.” This may be the most ridiculous thing a person could ever say to me. First of all, it’s certainly not easy. Secondly, I rarely enjoy working out. It takes a lot of will power. But what I DO enjoy is the way that I feel after a good workout. I not only look great, but I know that what is going on underneath all of the muscle is something good.

This is the most over-looked aspect of fitness. Set aside all of the narcissism that is associated with weight training, and acknowledge all of the health benefits. I recently heard a young woman say, “I love the fact that I don’t have to work out. I was just born with great genetics.” I politely told her that she looked fantastic, but I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on UNDERNEATH the exterior. So many people forget to think about that. But I’m telling you to think about it right now. Think about it long and hard. Forget the excuses. I’ve got them, too. We all do. Heck, I was born with a moderate to severe heart condition at birth. I have aortic regurgitation due to constant leakage from a bi-cuspid valve (I know…it’s a mouthful). I was told by my doctor a few years ago that the likelihood of my needing a heart transplant sometime before the age of 50 was fairly high. I asked if I should cease my workout routine. He said that it would actually be to my benefit to keep up the workout regimen. Five years after hearing this, my latest check-up showed no signs of the condition worsening. He said that all of my cardiovascular activity had been more than beneficial.

It’s at that very moment that I vowed to stay in shape for as long as I am able to sweat. It’s a healthy promise, and one that you should make to yourself. I often tell myself that perspiration is inspiration. So let’s perspire!

The Jetster, Coach Jimmy, and Shaun T after a grueling Insanity workout.

That’s all for this segment folks. But please check out my next article, as I’ll be showing my exact Beachbody income over the course of the past seven years. That’s right, you’ll see every penny I’ve ever made every single week from a business that I’ve never really tried to make money on…until now!!! Plus, I’ll be posting another Coach Jetster rant, and you’ll have the opportunity to watch as he goes off on pyramid schemes and continues to say out loud what so many will not! That’s all for today. Don’t drink sea water.

SHARK FACT #2: Sharks inhabited the earth 200 million years before the dinosaurs appeared and have changed only minimally during that time.

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