5 Podcasts to Catch in 2017

Last year I discovered podcasts, and I can’t seem to get enough of them. What an engaging way to hear stories, listen to different perspectives and, quite frankly, be entertained — all for free! Check out 5 of my favorites (in no particular order).

  1. The Optimal Living Daily family— Don’t have time to read all those great blogs? Justin Malik and his team read one blog a day, which makes for a short and sweet podcast!

There are four to choose from: Optimal Living Daily (personal development); Optimal Health Daily (nutrition, fitness, wellness); Optimal Startup Daily (for freelancers, small biz owners and entrepreneurs); and Optimal Finance Daily (no stocks or complex economics, just good old-fashioned smart money). Choose one, or, if you’re like me, start your day with all four!

2. Whistlestop— Ever wish you’d paid more attention in US History class? Thanks to John Dickerson (of CBS’ Face the Nation) we can hear tales from history. straight from a history buff who clearly loves to tell stories. He’s focusing on US Presidents right now, and check out the archives for campaign stories.

3. New York Times Book Review — This one just makes you feel smarter. Author interviews, literary news and reviews. Not for the pedestrian reader, but true book lovers will wait anxiously for this podcast to arrive every weekend!

4. Freakanomics — Award-winning and one of the most popular podcasts, this one is a must-listen, at least once. The production value alone is time well spent, not to mention Stephen Dubner’s hosting style. You’ll emerge every time with a new perspective, I know I do!

5. TedTalks — Can’t get enough of TedTalks? Thanks to the podcast option (video or audio) they just keep coming! For true enthusiasts, also check out TedTalks Radio by NPR, which is an hour-long program weaving various clips together around a single theme.

Happy Listening for the Happy 2017!