Take a Productive Wellness Day

The measure of a productive day is often based on how many items are checked off a to do list, how many meetings occurred, how many times someone needed us or how much money we made.

All’s fair in the war with too much to do. But it’s equally as fair to bust out a new measuring stick every now and then based on continually evolving priorities.

I left a demanding in-house job over three years ago to seek more balance and take better care of my health. Like many, I thought I’d simply flip a switch. It’s actually a process — to learn how to avoid overdoing, over-scheduling, over-stressing and overachieving when it’s not necessary.

I’m learning to listen to my body which in turn creates the acoustics to listen to my soul.

Today, for example, I had what I call a productive wellness day. I knew I needed one because after a tiring couple of weeks my body was sending me a message. I didn’t hear it at first, but it was persistent.

So I finally listened. I slept. I ate. I had a conversation with my spiritual advisor. I made an appointment for a massage. I listened to music. I stared out the window. I watched a mindless TV show. I did it all. I recharged.

I realize that not everyone works for themselves and can spontaneously take a random day off because their body told them so. But most certainly everyone can schedule some time for themselves.

We live in an era where we make sure we charge our phones regularly but forget to recharge ourselves. I have seen firsthand with myself and my coaching clients that when we take better care of ourselves we are in a position to be better at everything we do.

Need to schedule more productive wellness days for yourself? I’d love to be your coach and help you achieve this worthwhile goal! Contact me to learn more about various levels of coaching services.

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