Design for Humanity
Daniel Eckler

I believe the future of design is much more emotional than its been in the past, generally speaking. So I agree with your premise. I have this to suggest: that this shift is indicative of the shift in paradigm we as a human species are currently undergoing. That is, a move away from a masculine paradigm — which is about functionality and technical precision — to a new paradigm (a post-patriarchal paradigm) which raises feminine energy (for lack of a better term) to be equal to masculine energy. In this new paradigm functionality and technical precision are matched by being human-friendly, animal friendly and environmentally friendly. These soft areas, including emotions, are precisely feminine energy.

So I agree with your premise, as I said. I think it goes beyond appealing to emotions, although that is certainly part of it. For example take a cell phone… they used to look like bricks, but did the job. Today they already look at lot more aesthetically pleasing and appeal to our emotions in that way. But the cell phone companies still have a way to go before their design is more fully human friendly — that those harmful EMFs are dealt with (radiation emitted by the phones) AND that the components and shell, etc are made to be more easily recycled or even biodegradable. Now that would be a quantum leap in a balanced approach to design. That to me is the future of design: balanced masculine and feminine energy.

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