Does Your Work Flow?

Get in the zone

Become so in touch with your message, your passion, your mission that each day you ease right into your flow.

That’s what I want for my “Unretirement” business.

I struggled to find my niche when we moved to our island paradise, an unknown.

This morning while writing my journal I came to the realization of what I want for myself and for others.

We need our work to support our lifestyle in some form, usually financially.

And we want our work to be meaningful.

These two potentially opposing goals must collide.

At least that’s what I think.

And when they do, we need to get into the flow.

We just experienced a raging flood devastating our side of our island. We are fine but many lost their homes and cars or suffered much damage.

20 bison drowned.

The north shore is cut off from the rest of the island except by helicopter or boat.

The communities from the entire island have risen to the challenge of helping us in spite of their own disaster. They know we are landlocked where they have the freedom to go to the stores, the bank, the Post Office.

Ten days after the Big Rain, they have created their flow to help us.

Like the calm rivers, streams and waterfalls, they have the systems in place.

We have 24/7 ER presence securing our safety, health and mental support.

Weather permitting, boat captains and owners have created a schedule to provide deliveries and shuttle every day.

We can ‘shop’ at the Y Camp for free food and supplies. The sole restaurant provides two free hot meals daily, planned from local resources and cooked by true chefs.

A community found their flow in 10 days.

Why does it seem to take us sole business owners so long to reach that flow?

In my daily journal this morning I wrote my New Reality Check. It’s where I will be in my future, written today as a reality.

I spoke of my flow. That my work will come naturally without spending hours on planning. My writing, publishing and sales will flow.

My struggle with this is my balance between work and life in my semiretired lifestyle.

How do you make this flow happen for your business?

1. Strive for clarity and focus on your single most important thing of your work.

2. Develop the simplest systems to progress from Point A to Point B easily. Without having to think or plan.

3. Find and claim balance between work and life. Design this balance so you can succeed in your goals in both areas of your life.

A tall order. But I believe it’s possible. And now while I am captive in Paradise, it’s time to set the stage and ease my way into the Flow.

Thank you for reading. I’d love your claps and applause especially for all those volunteers and emergency responders who have helped us along the way.

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