We are all just like trees, no two are the same…none are perfect.

We all have stories that have shaped our growth.

The good in our lives are our trunk, the major piece of us that has sprung from our roots, our core.

The good has helped us grow upward toward the sky, tall & strong.

But we all have stories of hardship & struggle, all of us…

…Some more than others.

And these such stories have helped shape us as well.

These particularly difficult circumstances have helped to create branches that extend outward from our trunk.

Such hardships shape our bent & fragile branches in a way that allows these limbs to reach out to others for help.

There has never been a tree ever created without branches extending outward…Just as there has never been a person ever created without serious hardship.

We have all experienced things that make us stand tall, & we have all experienced things that force us to reach out.

We all possess weak limbs that shake in the fierce wind.

You’re not alone, you’re never alone.

You are one of many that has the support of an entire forest.

A forest of trees who have also been shaped by both goodness & hardship.

You are surrounded by fellow trees who know what it’s like to struggle, & who have their own branches that are stretching out to connect & support you.

That’s the beauty of the forest; that’s the beauty of humanity.

Our experiences shape our growth, upward & outward. When we experience hardship and our limbs reach out, trust there are many others out there who are reaching to connect & support you…who want to help protect your branches in the wind, and who want to help you continue your growth upward toward the sky. Embrace those people when they reach out…we are all connected, and in this together.
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