Done. Game Over. Day Made: Subway Wallpaper & Intuitive Pizza

The other day I decided to go out for lunch. I needed to get out of the office so I opted for my typical lunch go-to, Subway. I walked in, ordered my sandwich, paid for my meal, and took a seat to eat my lunch. Pretty exciting stuff, right? To us adults, this is a fairly lackluster event. ‘Okay, you got Subway…so what?’ Exactly…so what. Getting a sub and eating it in the Subway was really nothing to write home about. So what’s my point?

I’m sitting there eating my sandwich and happen to look to my left and notice the wallpaper. I’m not sure if you know Subway wallpaper but in nearly every Subway since I can remember, the walls are covered in this faint, yet spectacular outline of some city (I think New York?). It’s basically a subway map of the streets of the city. If you look carefully, it’s extremely detailed and pretty awesome. I laughed as I looked at it…remembering how I LOVED the Subway wallpaper when I was a little girl. I thought it was incredible when I was younger. How in the world could wallpaper be so insanely intricate…like the exact replica of an entire city mapped out on a wall! At the time, it was genius to me. I would stand there and take in as much of the street names as I could while my mom ordered subs for the family. At the ripe old age of 6 or 7, it was equivalent to the Sistine Chapel as far as being ‘awe’ worthy to me. I remember wondering who the Michelangelo behind this masterpiece was. By that time, my mom was ready to take home the subs. In the car we went…my brain still on the map of that city on the wall.

So we get home and the one thing that takes my mind off of that incredible work of art is the fact that my favorite food in the world (at the time) is staring me back in the face…ready for me to devour it. Nights when we got subs were the absolute BEST! It meant that I got to study and admire the Subway wallpaper, and it also meant I would get a turkey sub with provolone and extra italian dressing. Nothing else could bring me down if I knew I was getting subs for dinner. Done…Game Over…Day Made.

Another ‘Day Made’ moment I distinctly remember while growing up was when I’d come home from a rough day of school. Let’s first take into consideration what ‘rough’ day meant at the age of 7…I didn’t get a sticker on my math test, the boy I had a crush on didn’t hesitate to knock me out during a competitive game of foursquare (total shot through the heart)…those were tough times man. Anyways, somehow on those days right before dinner (and I really have no idea how it always seemed to happen) my mom would announce that we were ordering pizza for dinner. How did she know that I absolutely NEEDED pizza on that night?! It never failed…whenever I really wanted pizza (obviously my comfort food), she was on it…without me even hinting at it. Again, DAY MADE. So what if I didn’t get that sticker and Avery did…whatevs. So what if Nick decided to bust out the ‘black magic’ rule to get me out multiple times during recess…boys are dumb anyhow. All that earlier trauma went right out the window once my mom said the words ‘Pizza.’ Done…Game Over…Day Made.

So let’s fast forward 22 years and get back to my ‘mundane’ lunch at ‘boring’ Subway. As I said, I sat there and noticed the wallpaper…I admired it for a few seconds, remembering how amazing I thought it once was. This took me down memory lane, to subs with extra italian dressing and eventually to those intuitive ‘let’s order pizza’ nights from mom. I smiled as I fondly re-lived those great moments…those simple things that would make my entire Day. I would get so excited and happy from the smallest things…amazed by things that I now don’t even notice. And it makes me sad to know that…to know that as we grow older, it becomes a lot harder to have ‘Day Made’ moments. The years we’ve lived and the experiences we’ve gone through have somehow increased the requirements of what we view as ‘amazing,’ or even ‘exciting.’ We walk through Subways and don’t notice anything about the wallpaper. We don’t get excited to the point of Day Made when we get a taste of that extra italian dressing that we love so much. But please don’t get me wrong here…I’m not saying you have to go into your next Subway and worship the wallpaper or practically fall over the fact that you have more dressing on your sandwich.

I’m writing this to hopefully get us to realize that as adults, we must create more Day Made moments for ourselves. That comes from allowing ourselves to get excited about even the simple things, or appreciating small moments. Because these small moments are all Opportunities for us that ultimately shape our life experience. Every minute, every moment can be made special. Every moment can be something we value. Every moment can be viewed as an Opportunity to enjoy and appreciate if we so choose…it’s about our Perspective. So my challenge to you would be to do some self-examination on how you live your days. I encourage you to take an honest look at how you view your moments, no matter how small they may seem. Do you view a trip out for lunch as a mundane, lackluster activity…or do you view it as an Opportunity to enjoy your time in a new setting, relishing the deliciousness of that italian dressing. Do you view a phone call to an old friend or family member as a requirement you need to do simply to check it off of your ‘have to do’ list…or do you commit yourself to being fully present in your connection with that old friend, listening intently to what they are up to, and appreciating the Opportunity you’ve taken advantage of on your ‘GET to do’ list.

Again, it’s all perspective of how we choose to look at our moments. Life is a series of billions upon billions of moments…some small and simple, some major and complex. It is our choice in whether we view our moments as Opportunities or not, as ‘have’ to’s or ‘get’ to’s. When we think of our moments as ‘get’ to’s, we gain that Day Made mentality that I referred to earlier. Kids have this…and somewhere along the way, we lose that. Kids find joy in the smallest of moments. And when we find joy in our moments, when we choose to allow the little things to be ‘Day Made’ moments, then what we are essentially doing is appreciating the opportunities we are GIVEN every second of every day. And when we appreciate these moments GIVEN to us, we are living those moments through a constant state of GRATITUDE. And when we discover how to live gratefully, we are happier in every facet of our lives. And when we are happier people, we are better people. We are more generous to ourselves and to others, we are more gracious in both good and bad times. When we experience Grateful Living, the good times are transformed into great times…that dressing on our lunchtime sub is AMAZING. When we experience Grateful Living, the tough times are handled with grace and there is understanding that Opportunity is available for us even in that moment.

So on this day, my hopes are that you begin to recognize the Opportunity that is Given to us in each moment of our lives. It is up to us to choose to view our moments as Opportunities of ‘Get’ to’s…to Live Gratefully…and to allow ourselves to experience as many moments as possible in this way. Because when all these moments come together through a place of Joy and Gratitude, our Day Made mentality becomes a Life Made reality.

Create your moments of Opportunity, Live Gratefully, & Find Your Joy.
Done. Game Over. Life Made.
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