Your fat friend doesn’t feel fat.
Your Fat Friend

“Friend”. You are right about a LOT of what you said and wrong a bit also. Allow me to explain. I am not ‘fat’ although I have spent my entire life dieting or whatever, I really never have been ‘fat’ other than right after my pregnancy (I gained a lot more than I needed to for ‘baby’). But I bet I have said “I feel fat” a hundred or more times, and often to my sister who weighs over 200 lbs. (I weigh about 130 with muscles, about 120–125 without). And I ‘felt fat’ most of my life. How I wish I could get those years back knowing what I do now! Live life, do not WAIT for life at “that” weight or size. Wear 2 piece suits, wear shorts, love the skin you are in as you only get one go-round and it should be spent loving everything about yourself. That is not to say there is no good to living and eating better, but that is going on WHILE you live! I wasted YEARS AND YEARS wishing my body were this or that, and it was mostly in my head anyway, others are more concerned about what YOU think of THEM, and if anyone is cruel enough to say or write that you should NOT be living, EFF them and the horse they rode in on! :) I am an accountant, yes, but I am also a Certified Personal Trainer and have a number of different certifications, so I know what I am talking about. You do not want to look back and think about all of the WASTED time.

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