How to defeat trolls and bullies.

Listening to the vibe of a new song. Ghetto funk and hip hop on Soundcloud. Trying to record a video but it doesn’t go as I want. I change the game and find a new way to get my message across:

Stand up against the bullies. Stand up for each other. Don’t give apathy a chance. Give people who deserve it a second chance.

Some people are trolling and bullying, thinking that they can get away with threatening people from another skin colour, another sexual orientation and or country.

These trolls think they can insult and threaten people and the victims who’s life is ruined maybe, need to “get over it”. They will not take any responsibility of what they caused. They think it was all you.

Don’t be mistaken they don’t want to solve a issue, it’s all about getting other people down. One of the ways that they use is to provoke people into making personal attacks. Another strategy is to go above the actual message, meta. They address how you are saying things, your personal history, your identity can be attacked at any moment. If you are discredited nothing you say will be heard anymore.

Don’t follow them in their game. Stay on track. No matter how they derail the conversation bring it back to the issue, to what matters and the facts. If they lie or misrepresent information and move on like nothing happens bring the facts back again and again. Don’t let them get away with lying.

Remember this is not about getting revenge or feeling superior. If we fall for that we may end up wasting a lot of our time and energy and feeling worse in the end.

The only way to defeat people with damaging speech is with more better conversations. Trying to silence bullies will only make them say that you try to silence the truth. It helps their cause.

I talk because I want to stand up for those that are being said that what they say doesn’t matter, that they should just “get over it”.

I help people who want more strategies with dealing with bullies. I want to help every person who wants to fight the injustice and prejudice against them. (Check my bio for more info)

I have some experience with being the underdog and helping people. Check the previous post.

Let’s keep the good conversations going. Let’s unite and make every day just a bit better for everybody.

We don’t get over it we get on it!