The real magic in your life without the fluff.

What? No Deepak Chopra and Quantum physics quotes? Maybe some esoteric ideas that are said to be some universal secrets to happiness?

No, not even that. Not even The Secret quotes. But what then?

Simple daily habits that change how we live our life. No secrets here.

Every day we do some ordinary tasks. Tasks we want to accomplish and things we need to do. These often can get boring after a while.

But not for some. Some people have taken routine tasks to the next level. They practised and practised the same actions over and over and looked for ways to improve it. They experimented and failed but started over and over again.

This may seem to outsiders as not much but after a while this person has made a ordinary task in to an art. Each movement is so smooth and fast, so accurate that it seems almost magical.

That’s right, it requires a routine or ordinary task, a mindset to learn from each failure and the courage to experiment and be patient. Know that this is a long game that you play.

Even when you have to wash the dishes each day, when you are willing to see it as a opportunity to learn you will find a way to do it so elegant that your task seems to go so fast that you don’t need to think anymore about the actions you need to do.

After a while the process seems to work on its own and you are just a bystander of the process. That’s how many great performers in art and sports described it.

Even when you don’t plan to stay much longer where have to do those tasks or you will soon do other things and you think you don’t need to put that much effort in tasks you will abandon soon, remember “Wax on wax off”.

Yes, many skills can be transferred to other skill sets. The more those skills have similarities the more transferrable they are. So you can learn important facets of your task already before you even begin learning about that skill.

You can take something ordinary in your life and make it extraordinary. That is magic, ladies and gentlemen.

And it can change your life…

If you allow it.