During dinner one day, my mom reminisced about my grandpa, “He gave me piggyback rides. He was very kind and I loved him so much.” It was one of the rare times my mom talked about her father. It was touching. It was also foreign to me. I was happy for my mom — she had a bond with her father and I also realized I don’t know what that feels like.

My biological dad was an abusive alcoholic, beating my mom and chasing her with razors. My stepdad is a pedofile — short tempered, authoritative, manipulative yet had his caring years. Complex.

So when I hear about my friends have great father figures, it warms my heart. If you have a great dad, please hold him tight and show appreciation of your love- not every one has that.

I am so lucky to have Matt, a man I deeply respect. He’s been such an incredible example of a man, a father, who’s compassionate, kind, authentic, jack of all trades, loving — raised 2 awesome sons! Happy Fathers Day, Matt, we are lucky to have you!

I witness my guy friends as amazing new fathers and it makes me so proud of this generation. Fathers who are present, emotionally available and expressive, loving and raising boys and girls with each baby step. Gives me so much faith in our generation and the upcoming.

Happy Fathers Day to all the great men, who showed up, paved the way and now passing on your love! You’re making a difference in lives, in ways that matter most!

I hope that next year, we’ll get to celebrate my kind Felix as a dad…fingers crossed!

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