Most Relationships Are Meant To Fail

Lately, I’ve been having heart conversations with friends who feel disheartened about the single life. They brought up feeling failure.

If you’re feeling hard on yourself because you’re in your 30s and you ride this wave of excitement and disappointment, while there’s babies and weddings around you — I have a lil reminder..

Your last relationship or date failed? Try not to beat yourself up for it- All dates and relationships are suppose to fail and have an expiration date until you meet the Right one.

I had a mixture of healthy, awesome, unhealthy, shitty, wholesome and everything-in-between relationships. And I can bet, most happy couples and married people went through their mixed bags before they met the Right one.

It’s Experience- so we can pick up what we learned, exercise our boundaries, know what we need/want and be the best partner we can be.

No one learns how to communicate effectively overnight.

No one learns how to be vulnerable overnight.

No one conquers their insecurities and fears in one day or relationship.

No one breaks down their walls after decades of protecting ourselves, overnight.

These skills are hard as hell and it’s not surprise that it takes time to embody these — help us become an amazing partner and expands our capacity for loving ourselves.

By then, your bar will be set high, so when the Right person comes along, you’ll know because s/he will treat you and love you higher than the high bar you have for yourself.

So the relationship/date failed. That’s not You who failed. I hope you feel the difference and love your way through.

Because the Right one, who’s around the corner, wouldn’t want you to suffer or settle — they’re patient and excited to meet you, knowing that you need to go through the lessons you need so you’re ready

Please never give up — because you’re too awesome and lovely.

PS- Notice when your cynical-ness is kicking in…it’s a defense mechanism trying to distract you from what you really want with lies to yourself — that happiness is not possible.