Should you train for weight loss?

I think most of my clients know my thoughts on the matter… no you should not. Your training shouldn’t be all about weight loss.
Why not? Well I’m glad you asked! I have been training people for several years now and a good chunk of that time I spent training people for weight loss and other aesthetic related reasons. What I have come to realise is that training for weight loss is futile and it leads to nowhere! 
Here’s why….
Goals are extremely important. You have probably heard plenty of times, extremely successful people advising to set goals higher than what you actually want to achieve. In doing so, you might end up achieving more that you thought you wanted.
When you set your goals for training as weight loss of a 5,10, 20 kgs, two things can happen; either you reach the goal or you fall short. If you don’t reach the goal, you feel like you failed. You possibly stop training and put that weight back on. You might eventually pick yourself back up and try to reach for that number again. You might not reach that number again or you might this time, but then what? When you reach your goal you might not have planned any further, you will get comfortable with what you have and put the weight back on, and the chase begins again. The other thing that could happen is the weight you wanted or the aesthetics you reach isn’t enough and you start chasing a new number. This becomes a terrible cycle that I’ve witnessed and been a part of far too many times.
The problem with the system I just mentioned is that it is extremely short sighted and leads to a cycle of constant disappointment and failure. Concentrating solely on weight loss and aesthetic goals can even lead to eating disorders, body dysmorphia, low self-esteem and self worth. 
Your training goals need to be for long term. They need to be much greater than weight loss. For example, train to be the best at a sport. Train to climb a mountain, and then climb a bunch more. Train to run sub 10 in a 100m sprint. Immerse yourself in training; get stronger, faster, more mobile and better endurance. You’ll start to find that you are capable of far more than what you first thought.
Setting big goals far beyond a number on the scale will ultimately make you a better person. Setting a big goal and achieving them develops the same skills that could make you a millionaire or a successful athlete. Losing weight might be something that needs to happen on the way but it will be a very small stepping stone to getting you to the end goal.
I am not saying you will never have to worry about weight you might but you will get past it because you need to. Weight loss should definitely not define you or your training. It's time to design your email.

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