Exploring ‘People Development’
Kurt Ewald Lindley

Hi Kurt

Firstly I really enjoyed the post and particularly how holistic you went with people development.

It got me thinking about a model a colleague of mine created which we used to design a coach development programme. The model was based around 3 P’s:

Profile – every experience that a coach (person) has had.

Philosophy – based on those experiences, what are the core beliefs of that person.

Process – based on those beliefs, how does the person behave and live those I.e. What is their process for coaching (living)

We spent a lot of time helping the coaches create align between those three aspects. Your questions around ‘be’ I believe could relate to this, in the fact that to get to a deep answer to what someone wants to be, it would pay to spend time thinking about what experiences they have had and what beliefs have come from those that are shaping current behaviour.

Hope that stimulates some thinking, looking forward to reading more.

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