Who is the Coalition for Critical Technology?

This letter is the result of a collaborative, multidisciplinary effort; more than twenty scholars made significant contributions to early drafts. These contributions were facilitated and synthesized by a core editorial team that includes: Chelsea Barabas (MIT), Audrey Beard (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Dr. Theodora Dryer (NYU), Dr. Beth Semel (MIT), and Sonja Solomun (McGill).

The academic collective that has emerged from this process will engage in future conversations as the Coalition For Critical Technology. We are part of a growing community of scholars who are challenging academia’s key role in the creation and maintenance of carceral technology. The Coalition aims to support larger movements of scholars, technologists, and organizers who are working for justice by resisting technologies that exacerbate inequality, reinforce racism, and support the carceral state.

Our approach involves continuous reevaluation of epistemic norms and interrogation of how knowledge is valued, created, and employed through academic power structures.

A coalition of researchers who are calling for the abolition of the #TechToPrisonPipeline http://bit.ly/ForCriticalTech

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