Update: 2019 July 7th

Jul 7 · 1 min read

This is Popo Chen. Here is an update from the last couple of weeks.

  • The future plan of the company is not final yet. Shareholders are under positive negotiation and we may reach a final solution aiming before the end of July. I think we are seeing progress here, thank you all for your patience.
  • Apologies for the unsolved withdrawal problem on COBINHOOD Exchange. Because the specific malfunctioning part was designed by our former CTO Wei-Ning Huang, and he recently agreed to fix all technical issues under a tech consulting contract, it’s expected to be solved in some time, but how soon the problems can be solved depends on that. This may take a bit longer, please stay tuned for updates. Of course, all user’s funds are secured.

Again, thanks for following for all this long. I am doing my best to put an end to all these uncertainty and inconvenience. I will keep you updated.

Popo Chen


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A blockchain financial hub. The first ZERO trading fee cryptocurrency exchange platform + ICO underwriter. https://cobinhood.com/

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