My feedback

Hello everyone!

I’d like to give my general feedback on the course of the LUNN students’ presentations of the polls’ results which we had last Friday.

· In my opinion, the hardest poll was conducted by Leila Nabieva. The poll was about the habitation preferences of the people. «Would you like to live in Nizhny Novgorod?..». I voted for «Nizhny Novgorod».

· The most original one was conducted by Maria Kalinina. The poll was about the spending preferences among people. «Would you spend your money on traveling or buying material things?». My answer is «traveling».

· The most topical one was conducted by Sergey Volkov. The poll was about the upcoming presidential election in the USA. «For whom would you vote, Trump or Clinton?». My answer is «Clinton».

Stay tuned!

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