Unprecedented — Why the Electoral College Should Stop Donald Trump
daniel brezenoff

Let’s work all together as brothers and sisters in union to fight for what it is right and prevent more corruption and evil form for the sake our families, our neighbors, friends, our country and the rest of the world, including for the sake of our liberty, victory of freedom, our environment and humanity and for what it makes America the greatest county in the world and for freedom of choice and independence. Let’s us all encourage one another brothers and sisters with the strong conviction that should never ever settle for less and allow corrupted government to rule and take so much control of our lives and reduce us to rubble and dust. Donald Trump is so unfit to lead our nation and it will bring worst recession that we ever experience in our lives and the worst human casualties and horrendous unspeakable crimes and torture to control people and everything in his path and break the constitutions and the autonomy of human civil liberties. As we have heard, he constantly has been pounding his chest vowing to extinguish and vanish every living soul of the Muslins, including their innocent families and children so they don’t reproduce no more including the Mexicans as he said and savagely revenge ten times more as he said!!! This evil man has been breathing harmful false conspiracies with his dark evil allies and constant lies, slander, insults, defamation and racial put downs having the poor mission to sabotage Hillary’s Clinton campaign and all the minorities that support her and because she was tough on the Russia’s nuclear policies and that is why l the Russia government and the hackers compromise the election to put him in power. No wonder he warmed us so cynically that the election was going to be very rigid and look — it came true leaving the nation so divided and enticing racial hatred among each. Therefore the electoral votes should be abolish and let Hillary Clinton be our next and best qualified Kennedy to lead our nation to keep us safe and sound and maintain good positive safe relations around the world and bring back our nation together with love and peace as it should be. Pest off Donald Trump — due to his unqualified moral ethics and integrity, lock of honesty and intelligence and soft skills to lead our nation and finally, constant law suits threats to scare people to keep them shout their voices and violate every legal statute that has to protected us all and for what stand f and believe for and all that we love and treasure and violated what our strong civilians heroes fought for our liberty and human civil liberties and self-determination of choice. We should never allow any corrupted governments to rule our nation’s best interest and who possessed very dark cord vision of supremacy, bigoted, xenophobic and radical mind to commit and be our worst criminal nightmare and on ending crimes to wipe out those who dear opposed him and he dislikes or either kill them, torture them and jail them living us all terrible confusion, anxiety, traumatized and violated and keep us all down and sleeves to retro stone age and serve the rich for the failure to control our destiny. We don’t want to see a very unqualified dictator to rule our nation, and the men who will supersede the power of justice for his own cruel and detestable benefit and satisfied his own thirst for human blood and extinction as he will use and abuse and dismantle any laws and anything that will protect us to commit terrible acts or terror and mass of human casualties and killings and ten times worst to those he disapproved since the human justice will perish until we only pray to God to help us — because if God is with us, no one can stand against with and please don’t ever trust the mouth of the liar because that it is his true.

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