Woah, I can see you foaming at the mouth from here.
Sloppy Armando

first of all, i don’t care who you are…or who you claim to be…

second, you should NEVER think that politicians will fix all problems…most especially when citizens are so incredibly lazy, and full false narratives/equivalences…not to mention white supremacist paradigms (which includes hateful racism, sexism, xenophobia and “homophobia”) and a tiresome LACK of information as to how political systems and government works (not to mention economic systems).

third, i notice you repeat the brocialist lines of “Democrats are corrupt/evil/whatever because they haven’t fixed all of america’s problems” while turning a blind eye to the problems that ARE CREATED by the republicans.

fourth, i already KNOW that the fascist police state is targeting Latinos…that’s what they do. the current ws paradigm is that all Latinos (and Muslims..except of course, the rich and horridly corrupt saudis) are here illegally…but those of us who are Democrats understand that is a LIE…

finally, have a read about that 1994 crime bill…you will see the ws creeping in, as most Black folks/polticians/leaders did NOT want punitive measures…but white folks/politicians DEMANDED such measures…because of the ws that dominates the mentality about crime/criminals in this country…i.e., if a POC is a “criminal” then they should be punished to an extreme…when it’s a white person, they should get sympathy/compassion for their “plight”….

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