On that we agree.
Chuck Ward

Yes, i am glad that we agree. And I cannot say that the Dems don’t frustrate me from time to time. However, I believe it is Our responsibility to hold them accountable…on a consistent, vocal basis.

But when comparing the outright, corrupt racist/sexist (in-your-face) fascism of the republicans (where my life is literally worthless); I can begrudgingly accept the semi-regular Dem Party irritation/frustration, though it’s not ideal. But that’s what I’ve been working on for decades…trying to “wake up” the American population At Large…that Politics Do Matter….that False Equivalency is an excuse for laziness…we will NEVER get “Perfection”…and if we want a better govt/political system, citizens must Work To Change It…and it is NOT easy work. If citizens don’t participate, you can bet the corporations and their lobbyists will fill the gap…and that’s why the system is corrupted to their benefit…and why Dems sometimes choose them over citizens. They are there constantly and they “yell” the loudest. WE’VE got to change that.


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