Cocos-BCX at Digital Economy Solutions 2019 in Amsterdam

Ontology held its Digital Economy Solutions 2019 on May 19th at A-Lab, a tech space in Amsterdam. The event’s purpose was to showcase diverse blockchain projects and emphasize the opportunity for them to collaborate and innovate.

Cocos-BCX, among other blockchain projects, attended the summit as a partner. Caterina Zhang, partner of Cocos-BCX, explained and demoed Cocos NHAS 1808 standard’s unique technical features for building industry level games following a series of speeches at the Summit. The audiences, who participated in the event, highly praised and expressed their expectations on Cocos-BCX on twitter.

NHAS-1808 standard powered by Cocos-BCX is a non-homogeneous token standard, which improved the existing NFT standards. It proposes a set of unified and extendable digital asset standards and specifications, providing new asset-based business models, and a unique worldview-backed economic system for digital assets. In this way, NHAS-1808 standard will enable industrial-level game development on blockchains.

Cocos NHAS 1808 standard is integrated with ETH, EOS, Tron and several other major blockchains. And now we’re also working on the integration with Ontology, the high-performance public blockchain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform, for 1808 standard, cross-chain solutions, and Cocos SDK.

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