Cocos-BCX At the Blockchain Gaming Dinner Kickoff Event @E3

Cocos-BCX is attending the first-ever Blockchain Gaming Stage at the annual E3 Gaming Expo hosted and organized by DGA (Digital Games + Assets) Summit and CoinState in Los Angeles.

At the Blockchain Gaming Dinner Kickoff event at #E3 held yesterday, Cocos-BCX Partner Caterina Zhang briefed global industry peers on Cocos and Cocos-BCX , and discussed with other crypto veterans and startups about the real adoption, regulatory etc. of blockchain technology.

Caterina explained Cocos-BCX’s unique technical features, such as on-chain trustable randomness and NFT standard-NHAS 1808, and shared the successful case study of Blockchain-concept based game “Let’s Catch Demons” from China. She said at the event that Cocos-BCX is making great efforts to drive the mass adoption of blockchain games by lowering entry barrierfor users and developers, and combining with 5G cloud gaming technology in future.

As world’s №1 game engine, Cocos and Cocos-BCX was highly praised and attracted great interests from local blockchain gaming community.

Together with Cocos-BCX at the Dinner Kickoff event were a number of other excellent blockchain projects, including Moonpay, the financial services company providing fiat ramp for DApps; Gods Unchained, a popular game on Ethereum; Matic, a project focusing on scalability issues within the Ethereum network that recently completed its IEO on Binance Launchpad; EOS Lynx; Dapper Lab; and many others.

Considered to be the world’s largest and most renowned gaming expo, E3 reached a record-breaking attendance level of almost 70,000 gamers, journalists, fans, and industry insiders in 2018. This year‘s blockchain gaming stage at E3 signifies a huge milestone for the blockchain space as countless projects race for mainstream adoption.

Cocos-BCX Partner Caterina will further introduce the LA blockchain game community to Cocos-BCX at South Hall Booth #2723 of Blockchain Gaming stage @ E3 1:00pm (LA Time) on June 12th.

We will see you at the Blockchain Gaming stage @ E3!