Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Report (9.02~9.12)

the Cocos-BCX Team

Below is the latest Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Progress from Sep 2nd to Sep 12th.

1.Testnet Optimization


a. Cleaned up some invalid command line functions.

In Progress

a. Upgrading the on-chain random number scheme.

2.Contract IDE


a. Forbad manual jumping to other paths.

3. COCOS Eco-Products

3.1 Cocos-Terminal


a. Added functions of filtering of inactive nodes;

b. Fixed component parse for matching query keywords;

c. Optimized icon UI in app store;

d. Optimized interface interaction;

e. Adjusted some prompt information.

4. Cocos-BCX Website

4.1 Bounty System (


a. Added Twitter follow task;

b. Optimized the homepage layouts.

In Progress

a. Adding task status on bounty column.

4.2 Bounty TASK( Third-Party Tasks Suggestion)


a. SDK(Cocos).

In Progress

a. SDK(Unity);

b. Cocospay(Firefox Plugin);


4.3 Cocos-BCX Website


a. Added Crypto Tank game on Ecosystem column;

b. Added the 3rd list of Buidlers & Angels on Buidlers & Angels column;

c. Japanese language support.

In Progress

a. Korean language support;

4.3 Bounty Withdrawal


a. Processed the user data of submitted withdrawal request;

b. Processed the user data of submitted wallet address in Cocos&CocoaChina Forum during the period from Aug 13 to Sep 18.

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