Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — September 2019

the Cocos-BCX Team
Sep 30 · 7 min read


Core Technical Progress: Technical updates were completed, including chain system, contract IDE, SDK, DApps, and website.

Eco Products:Added Crypto Tanks, Token Planets, and IMCOCOS

Incentive Plan:Released the contribution rewards to 2nd list of Buidlers & Angels and hosted the 2nd COCOS Buidlers & Angels Consensus Conference

EcoPartnerships: Reached strategic partnership with White Matrix, Taxa, Slow Mist and CertiK.

Online Activities:1

Offline Activities:3

Media Reports: 19 articles

1. Technical Progress

1.1 ‘Gang Rinpoche’ Chain System Updates


a. Cleaned up some invalid command line functions.

1.2 Contract IDE


a. Forbad manual jumping to other paths;

b. Added CLI unlockAccount commend, and linked global unlocked state.

1.3 Cocos-BCX SDK



a. Optimized the setting of marketing fee;

b. Added the list of new voter accounts;

c. Optimized the market limit orders, OP transaction direction of matchmaking orders and the description parse logic;

d. Optimized the correspondence of account records parse and OP serial number, and added the parse of the English account records;

e. Updated the technical documentation.

1.4 Cocos-BCX DApp

1.4.1 CocosPay


a. Published CocosPay 1.0.9 version;

b. Debugged the language setting;

c. Added French support;

d. Added the Firefox Plug-in.

1.4.2 CocosWallet (IOS/Android)


a. Added the display of Crypto Tanks, Token Planet and IMCOCOS in the discovery page.

1.4.3 Cocos-Terminal


a. Added functions of filtering inactive nodes;

b. Fixed component parse for matching query keywords;

c. Optimized icon UI in app store;

d. Optimized interface interaction;

e. Adjusted some prompt information.

f. Added and updated the analysis of customers’ asset price ratios;

g. Optimized the overview of the chain system operation.

1.5 Cocos-BCX Official Website

1.5.1 Cocos Bounty(


a. Added Twitter follow task;

b. Optimized the homepage layouts;

c. Added tasks status on bounty column.

1.5.2 Bounty TASK (Third-Party Tasks Suggestion)


a. SDK (Cocos);

b. Cocospay (Firefox Plugin).

In Progress

a. SDK (Unity);

b. SDK (go);

1.5.3 Official Website(

a. Added the logo, link, and introduction of Crypto Tanks, Token Planets, and IMCOCOS in Chinese ecosystem page;

b. Added the Third Builders & Angels List;

c. Added Japanese support;

e. Added Korean support.

1.5.4 COCOS Rewards

a. Processed the user data of submitted withdrawal request;

b. Announced the winners in Mid-Autumn festival community activities;

c. Processed the user data of submitted wallet address in Cocos&CocoaChina Forum during the period from Aug 13 to Sep 18.

2.Cocos-BCX Eco-Products

1. On September 10, DoraHacks 2019 hackathon Cocos-BCX team,, officially launched chain game Crypto Tanks, and firstly released on Cocos-BCX TestNet, now players can get COCOS tokens by fighting with other tanks. Click here:

2. On September 20, Token Planets was officially launched on the Cocos-BCX TestNet. As an education simulation game, Token Planets offers players resources through corps planting. Players can also book various airdrops in the game. Click here:

3. On September 20th, ImNodes’ first Cocos-BCX ecosystem-information website was launched on the Cocos-official website. IMCOCOS collects comprehensive COCOS updates, feature stories, eco-navigation, and is committed to tracking the development of the entire COCOS ecosystem. Click here:

3.Cocos-BCX Incentive Plan

  1. Optimized Incentive Plan

In two months of operation, combining with the proposal of eco-partnership, Cocos-BCX optimized the policy rules of the incentive plan, to making every Buidlers & Angels accessible to transparent rules. Click here:

2. The release of contribution rating of the 2nd round Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels

On September 24, the next-generation digital economic platform Cocos-BCX published contribution rating of 69 Eco-Partners in the 2nd round, and 41 partners received rewards worthy 44.8 million COCOS. Click here:

3. The 2nd COCOS Buidlers & Angels consensus conference

On September 26, the 2nd COCOS Buidlers & Angels Consensus Conference was successfully held. COCOS Buidlers & Angels proposed plans such as enhancing community autonomy and raising the ceiling of incentives, all getting replied one by one by the Cocos-BCX Team. Click here:

Interested teams and individuals can still apply for the Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan by filling out the form at

4.Cocos-BCX Strategic Cooperation

  1. Cocos-BCX reached strategic cooperation with White Matrix in areas such as IDE tools and chain game ecosystem

On September 3, Cocos-BCX announced strategic cooperation with White Matrix, planning to conduct a deep cooperation in areas such as IDE tools and blockchain game ecosystem. Click here:

2. Cocos-BCX announced strategic partnerships with Taxa

On September 11, Cocos-BCX announced strategic partnerships with Taxa, planing to conduct in-depth cooperation in areas such as Layer 2 and trusted computing. Click here:

3. Cocos-BCX reached strategic cooperation with Slow Mist in ecosystem security

On September 19, Cocos-BCX and Slow Mist announced strategic cooperation, and the two sides will conduct deep cooperation in public chain system, smart contract, defensive disposition and other areas of ecosystem security. Click here:

4. Cocos-BCX reached strategic cooperation with CertiK in areas such as wallet tools, NFT standard, and user community

On September 27, Cocos-BCX and CertiK announced in-depth strategic cooperation in areas such as smart contract, public chain security. Click here:

5. Monthly Activities

Online Activities

Infinito joint AMA with Cocos-BCX happened on…

Offline Activities


  1. From September 20 to 22 this year, The Game Oasis Hackathon, which was co-hosted by Binance, Cocos-BCX, Celer, and Contentos, welcomed its heated opening day in North Bond, Shanghai with a participation of 12 teams nationwide. After 48-hours heated game, nearly 50 developers submitted their final works under the theme of connectivity. Click here to learn more details:


  1. September 16th witnessed the successful opening of Tokyo Blockchain Game Conference, which attracted over 300 participants from Japan, China, South Korea, and other countries. Guests discussed the development direction and future of the blockchain gaming. Cocos-BCX Japanese advisor Fujita Hirokuni was invited to attend and gave a speech.

2. Game Oasis #Hackathon is heading to Seoul on Sept. 27 with @BinanceLabs @blockcraftersVC @CocosBCX @CelerNetwork @Contentos @TorusLabs & @maticnetwork.It’s time for games to chain up! Come to grab the big prizes & investment opportunities! Learn more:

6.Media Reports


1. Technological Innovation, Cooperation, and Mutual Benefit — the Brand Road of Cocos-BCX. Click here:

2. Cocos-BCX: Contributing to the Entrance of the Gaming Industry into the Next Phase of Development. Click here:

3. Cocos-BCX Chain Game Developing Strategy Guide 1: Account and Contract. Click here:

4. Cocos-BCX: Separating the Best from the Rest. Click here:

5. Get to Know Cocos-BCX. Click here:

6. “Ding!”,Check Your Harvest in “Happy Farm”. Click here:

7. Supporting On-Chain Compilation, Iterative Updates? Things You Need to Know about Cocos-BCX Contract. Click here:


  1. Blockchain Firm Says Its Platform Will Deliver Next-Gen Digital Gaming

2. Cocos-BCX Blockchain Gaming Platform to be Listed on Binance

3. کسب درآمد دلاری با ایردراپ BCX و توکن cocos


5. Cocos-BCX Blockchain Gaming System to be Outlined on Binance

6. Cocos-BCX — future Blockchain gaming infrastructure

7. DAppChaser officially joined Cocos-BCX alliance

8. Game Oasis Hackathon


1.Cocos-BCX Assistant of Head of Japanの阿部心愛さんにインタビュー│バイナンス上場の次に目指すものとは


3.【TBGC2019レポート-前編】ブロックチェーンゲームの熱気を感じた「Tokyo BlockChain Game Conference2019」

South Korea

  1. 바이낸스 랩스, 블록체인 게임 해커톤 27일 개최

Above is Cocos-BCX monthly report in September 2019. For any idea or suggestion, please comment on our official media or give feedback in our community.

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