Cocos-BCX Releases Whitepaper 1.1.3

As a leader of the next generation of the digital game economy, we are looking forward to extending our presence with sufficient contents. Now, through months of work and several drafts, the Cocos-BCX Whitepaper has updated to 1.1.3 version.

The Cocos-BCX whitepaper is the authoritative guide informs users and investors the philosophy and concise concepts of Cocos BlockChain Expedition ( “Cocos-BCX” or the “Platform” ), the platform for the development, operation and management of decentralized applications (“DApps”) and the circulation of in-app assets (“dAssets”) on blockchain.

In the whitepaper, we introduce the concerned issues and implementations of Cocos BlockChain Expedition, including:


Project Advantages and Technology Optimization;

Business and Operation;

System Architecture;

Economic System of The Platform;

Strategic Investors.

Readers can find the latest version on

Cocos Blockchain Expedition

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Cocos-BCX, Developer Platform for Next-Gen Digital Game Economy