Cocos-BCX Technical Documentation 2.0 Now Available

Cocos-BCX has introduced its Technical Documentation 2.0 version during the launching of the TestNet 1.0 Gang Rinpoche.

The technical documentation describes the handling, functionality, and architecture of Cocos-BCX, aiming at providing enough information for users to understand the inner and outer dependencies of the platform.

Compared to v.1.0, the updated version totally reshaped the documentation logic with a new order and richer content, which includes node startup, economic system, SDK(JS, iOS, and Android), DApp development, etc. Now, the content of this documentation includes:


Design Theory;

Economic System;

BCX-NHAS-1808 and Worldview system;



Cocos Terminal;

Explorer & Wallet;

Homogeneous Assets and NH assets;


Terms and Definitions;


More examples have also been added for the easy use of Cocos-BCX.

Readers can find the latest version on