COCOS Shooting & Dice: The First Blockchain Games with Truly Trustable Randomness Now Open Sourced!

We are pleased to announce the open source of our two blockchain games that will launch us and our community into the next generation of game economy based on blockchain.

The first public release of COCOS Shooting & Dice source code introduces our revolutionary on-chain randomness that is truly trustable, and the NHAS 1808 digital asset standard that facilitates the transaction of unique game items.

Cocos Shooting is a flying shooting game that supports players to circulate game items among different games with the same worldview, which demoed the implementation of our NHAS 1808 digital asset standard.

Dice is a classic dice rolling game that introduces the truly trustable randomness, which guarantees the reliability of random process and results involved in a game with an easy-to-write contract, while remaining safe. Contract developers now are able to call the randomness in the form of interfaces. On-chain random data can be obtained by calling the random function in the contract.

Users can find details on the implementation in our updated technical documentation at, with source code to be found and cloned on our GitHub.

COCOS Shooting




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