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Code And Wild
3 min readMar 11, 2022


We are the technology team behind the largest growing online flower company in Europe

Day-to-day we design, build, integrate and run software that lets three beloved brands in 8 European countries delight our customers with a great eCommerce experience, reliable and fast delivery, and of course beautiful bouquets 💐. In fact, technology is key to enabling each aspect of our business — from Customer Delight or Data Science to Stock Management and in-house Production!

Engineers planning work on a whiteboard

We believe the future of work in our industry leads somewhere beyond the traditional office desk or cubicle. We are open to new ideas, continuously changing, adapting Agile methodologies, evolving our team topologies in line with the architecture domains, and embracing remote and flexible ways of working as we grow.

We welcome people with strong opinions (especially those loosely held)!

And you could join us — why not take a look at our open roles?

The Tech Behind It All

Our Technology stack is spread across 5 key architecture domains:


  • Multi-brand Angular/Typescript single page app using SASS and a design system, backed with a Contentful CMS & automated translations process
  • Multi-brand Swift/ObjC iOS and Kotlin/Java Android app platforms


  • Ruby on Rails application running on AWS (backed by Amazon Aurora and Redis)


  • Ruby on Rails application together with Ruby and Python based micro services


  • AWS First with Infrastructure as Code using Terraform
  • Internal Developer Platform for self serving micro services
  • Datadog for Platform Observability

Data / MLOps

  • Snowflake + DBT + Meltano modern data stack
  • ML models served at scale in python lambdas
  • In-house ML orchestration via AWS Step Functions + Fargate
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We’re passionate about the quality of our platform and ensure that our stack is fully unit tested, E2E enabled and supported by dedicated exploratory testers.

Puzzled about our tech choices? Anyone on the team can make our tech stack better. We use RFCs to gather feedback and document our decisions as ADRs. No decision is made in a vacuum — we consider the business context as well as the reliability and scalability of each choice before we commit to it.

Sounds interesting? Why not take a look at our open roles?

The Team that Cares Wildly

Scaling up is not always easy, so we have approached our growth in a very thoughtful way, focusing more on adding new skill sets and capabilities to the team than on a pure headcount increase.

Our teams work flexibly from locations across Europe with hubs in London and Amsterdam. We’ve learnt a lot about what remote work means and have taken what we feel are the most important parts into our processes for hiring, on-boarding and supporting all our team members.

We value shared experiences, learning and support, autonomy within squads and frameworks that allow each squad and squad member to work in the way that suits them best.

A team planning session around a desk

And we’re part of the bigger Bloom & Wild group family, with opportunities to work closely with those outside of Technology as we build the technology that continues to power our mission to build the world’s leading and most loved flowers, plants & gifting platform

You can read much more about what it’s like to work at Bloom & Wild and learn more about our open roles on our careers site